When the CA fell in Love – Short Story

When the CA fell in Love – Short Story

When the CA fell in Love – Short Story

Disclaimer: Here CA stands for Consenting Adult and not Charted Accountant.

Mili was barely 14 when she started getting nasty attention from uncles and older males in her locality. She used to be quite scantily dressed because that was what was understood as fashion and being modern – thanks to films and esp. western romcoms and sitcoms – the girls there were only seen wearing undies and were shown to be very adventurous and open to the idea of diving on bed – anytime, everytime with anyone – even everyone!

Mili’s parents were very miserly and greedy too. When Mili brought home a big chocolate box, both her parents gorged on the chocolates and asked her where she got it from!

She revealed that the owner of the Gift Shop near her school often gave her toffees and sweets but today she showed interest in having the big box of chocolate so he gave her immediately. The Gift Shop owner was her father’s friend and he knew well about his horny nature! Both her parents encouraged her to fleece him more and more!

After about 2 months Mili came home with the news that uncle will take her to a sea beach for 2 days on a weekend. Mili’s mother herself bought her a skimpy bikini so that he will not be disappointed in his investment!

That was Mili’s initiation as a sugar baby and the Gift Shop owner became her Sugar daddy – with the consent of both her parents! Basically, the entire family worked on the consenting adult basis.

Slowly and gradually Mili tried everything that makes one get rich quickly. At 15, she left school and auditioned for modelling and acting. The local and cheap Ad. Agency asked her to satisfy their clients so that they can get her a role in their next Ad. Film. She became an escort (a sex worker basically) and continued to entertain clients of all age groups till she turned 35!

Younger females had come in the market – all born in cheap greedy families who sold their daughters knowingly in the sex market! Mili was now getting clients who were 60 plus and her rate was also going down with each passing day. Her mother suggested that she should ask for a job from one of her rich customers for security purposes. Mili had not even passed class 10th – so getting a job for her was nearly impossible – but a Mall owner, who was her constant customer took pity on her and gave her to manage one of the shops in his mall. This is where she met Chetan!

30 years old handsome Chetan was the son of the Mall owner and maximum girls secretly admired him. Mili tried her charms on him but he was least interested in her – he had studied abroad and Mili could not even speak a single simple sentence in English. Mili became desperate to bed him and started looking for his weaknesses. She found out that he was heavily into drugs and visits a high end night club on weekends for his weekly dose of drugs! Mili managed to get an entry into the night club (yeah – sometimes it pays to be a sex- worker after all – you make good high end connections). Mili spotted Chetan and started chatting with him. Under the influence of heavy drugs, she managed to bed him that night – thinking that this would be the turning point of her life – she will soon be the wife of the future Mall owner!! She even mentally decided who all she will fire once she becomes the owner’s wife….this was all the influence of cheap and dumb teleserials where they show how easy it is to rope in rich males!!

Monday morning she went to Chetan’s office with a big smile thinking that Chetan will drool looking at her….but Chetan looked irritated by her presence.

Chetan: How did you get an entry in the night club? It is only for the elite class and the entry fees is twice more than the salary you draw here….so how did you enter Saturday night?

Mili: Oh I have my ways…

Chetan: Really? So you slept with the gate man or the security man to get an entry?

Mili was taken aback by his rude behavior!

Mili: Why will I sleep…..what are you talking about?

Chetan: Don’t act so dumb! Everyone knows here that you are not even matric pass and that you are my father’s concubine and that is why you got a job here – you are certainly an undeserving candidate. Anyways, why are you here in my office? What do you want?

Mili: just came to say hello….

Chetan : Ok, get lost and do what you are paid for.

Mili could not tolerate the insult. She was used to males falling at her feet since she was 14 and now Chetan was treating her like shit! Mili decided to wait for 2 months and give him the pregnancy surprise – she was not sure of pregnancy but she certainly had to conceive with just anyone with immediate effect and just prove that she was carrying Chetan’s baby!

She got in touch with her childhood admirer Binod who was also the son of the Gift  Shop owner – yes Mili’s first ever sugar dad! He was already married with 2 kids but who could ignore the call of a sexy siren for free sex!? Mili managed to get pregnant and after 3 months, she approached Chetan again.

Chetan: What the f*ck do you want? How dare you just walk in my cabin?

Mili : I am pregnant with your child..

Chetan : Really? How do you know its my child you b*tch? You are a part time sex worker – whose child are you trying to dump on my head?

Mili : your child can do a DNA test if required!

Such dialogues she had heard in cheap teleserials and knew that it has a devastating effect on males.

Chetan: Get out of my office right away – NOW..

Mili: I am keeping the baby…

Chetan: Get OUT BI*CH – are you deaf?

Mili left quickly and was unable to understand why her teleserial strategies were failing one after the other!

Chetan called one of his stooges and asked him to somehow kick-abort her as he could not take the risk of having his father’s concubine claiming to become the mother of his son’s baby.

Chetan: Just kick her so hard on her abdomen so that if she is carrying any child, it should die in the womb.

The stooge studied her commuting for a couple of days and decided to attack her on the empty subway. Mili used to take the metro and was walking towards the subway when the stooge appeared in front of her and started eve-teasing her . As she reacted, he kicked her hard and then beat her up with an iron rod and when he saw her bleeding, he ran away. Couple of people came running and took her to the hospital.

Mili’s parents came to know of the accident and rushed to the hospital! She was the sole source of income in the house – her father had left his job and had turned into an alcoholic because in her youth Mili was getting too much money home – so much that he had never seen in his life. With is neighbors and relatives warning him to get his daughter married, he paid no heed to them because no one sells a milking cow! Both the parents were shocked to see Mili’s bruised face and body!

Her father’s first reaction was the fear of earning lesser money – having lost her beauty – who would pay her for sex….she will have to turn into a road side pick up girl and will have to share her profit with the pimp! This was something that Mili had never done – whatever she earned, she brought home because there was no middle man in getting her customers! The fact that now they will have to hire a pimp to share the profits was unbearable to her greedy father!

While she was in the hospital, she tried to reach out to the office for medical benefits. The HR called back saying that she was working on a temporary basis and not eligible for any such benefits and also that her services were not required anymore.

Mili came home – still in pain and asked for some fruits for breakfast. Her father screamed at her and told her the price of fruits and asked her to get well and start her body business. In that state the father daughter had a major fight screaming and throwing things at each other and the mother tried to stop them as the neighbors were listening and having a good laugh! Mili asked her father whether the foreign whiskey was cheaper than few apples that she asked for!

One month later Mili started to walk around in her balcony and started to feel better. Her father was collecting the names of pimps from his locality and even other localities and negotiating the percentage of profit. Her father was showing Mili’s pictures that were 10 years old – so when the pimps came to see her, they were shocked to see a bruised and plump female that Mili had become…they just left without further delay! After all there were many greedy parents and greedier and horny daughters in the market and they did not have the time to waste on a middle aged fat blob of flesh!

3 months after the accident, Mili also joined the league of middle aged sex-workers and stood at shopping malls or outside bars to be picked up by some horny old pig.

Mili’s life would have been completely different had she continued to study, finished her college…her father would not have left his job to become a parasite on his own daughter’s sex-service income, her mother would also have managed the household with the father’s meagre salary…just like several other women were doing…have been doing since time immemorial!


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