Fitoor Review By Aumaparna

Fitoor Review By Aumaparna

Raised expectation went kaput!

Story of a rich man’s daughter (Tabu) who fell in love with someone from the worker class category…like he used to assist her father with menial jobs etc. Father had already seen a very eligible rich family man’s son for his daughter and she was about to get married to him. But she decides to elope with her lover…only to find that the lover was more interested in her riches and jewelry and runs away stealing her jewelry and leaving her pregnant!

She goes back to her family only to be beaten by her father and she gets aborted! Her ego..or heart was so badly hurt that she does not marry anyone and decides to stay alone forever in her huge palatial mansion.

In the meantime her driver’s wife dies at child birth so he gives away his daughter to the mad cap – Tabu – who names her Firdaus. Kashmiri people are very fair and good looking so when Firdaus was growing up she looked pretty pretty. She was given the best of education and she developed a sort of snobbish attitude – being rich, talented and beautiful.

Not very far from her house was a boy who was looked after by his sister and brother-in-law. They were carpenters plus did odd jobs to make both ends meet. The boy, Noor, was very creative.

Noor, the carpenter’s relative, meets Firdaus, the driver’s daughter…at the age of around 10 or 11 and become friends. Tabu, the mad cap, wanted some man to be jilted in love just as she was so that a man too gets the taste of being jilted. In Noor she saw her ex-lover and wanted to break his heart! Mad-cap ..remember! So she lets Firdaus and Noor meet and become pally and then she sends Firdaus away to London for higher studies. Noor remains in the small town.

Noor had once happened to help a terrorist – Ajay Devgan…and Ajay remembered the boy from the small town! Wow! Terrorists who brutally kill people in broad daylight – who are supposed to be heartless and ruthless suddenly and erratically become very kind and gentle!

Mad cap Tabu meets Noor after 7 or 8 years and sees his drawings – mostly of Firdaus! She sends him to Delhi so that he could participate in creative eccentricities or rather idiocies of the rich and the famous …actually she wanted him to meet Firdaus – who was already engaged to a well placed fella – some Pakisthani Minister’s son – who she had met in college…so Tabu’s ulterior motive was to break Noor’s that he too spends the rest of his life thinking about how great an achievement it would be if he could bed Firduas forever…..something that Tabu had thought for herself and wasted her entire life!

Anyways, over lakhs are shown being spent on absolute idiocy in the name of piece of exquisite art! And guess what? Noor’s artworks become show-stoppers…and who makes them show-stoppers? – none other than the terrorist he had helped once upon a time some 10 years ago!wow! Really what fantasies these writers suffer from – such a pity!!

So Firdaus meets Noor and they ….yeah – after meeting 2-3 times, they decide to dive on bed…like to eff! She was already engaged to another man – but since she had had a taste of both London and Delhi – such girls are shown (in films of course – dunno how true is it in real life) to become very bold and sassy and lacking scruples! After ‘doing the needful’ with Noor, she shoos him off saying that she has a better and brighter future with the upcoming politician…who she was going around with since college time…who she had also probably eff-ed (not shown in the film – just assuming)! Well well – it is generally observed that females who do not believe in covering themselves properly and are scantily dressed seldom have any sense of chastity or morality– they can dive on bed with anyone who catches their fancy!

But this character-less-ness of Firdaus does not stop Noor from continuing to love her! Males are anyways very broad minded – they understand that just like they like to ‘hump’ anyone available so do females like to jump on bed with anyone who catches their fancy or whoever they are dating or have dated in the past!

Noor suddenly comes to know that the ex-terrorist was the reason for his over-appreciated creativity! He leaves everything and returns to his petty carpenter’s job…for he understood that both the patrons – one – a mad cap frustrated Tabu and another – an ex-terrorist – both had zero knowledge of art and it was just a dirty play of money going on! This dirty money game had many players….but he did not want to be part of this ‘complete idiocy’!

Tabu commits suicide and Firdaus sees the locket Tabu clung to till death – it was the picture of the lover who had jilted her! Firdaus realizes that ‘women cannot forget their first love…and nor can men*’ (load of Bullcrap folks) …and she runs back to Noor. Noor hugs her! Happy ending. So now Noor will probably have to go back to the ex-terrorist – his patron – and start working for him – afterall Firdaus was a rich woman…he could not expect her to become and remain happy as a carpenter’s wife forever!

*Men cannot forget their first love – well folks, the Pakisthani fellow, who Firdaus was about to marry, was the son of the same man whose proposal had come for Tabu….who never could get married to Tabu…so by letting his son marry adopted driver’s daughter – Firdaus, he was trying to spend some more time with Tabu ( as the father-in-law of adopted daughter!)…wow!

What a great & classic idea to spend time with estranged lover….as classic as the novel ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens!



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    • Kumar Shiva
    • October 9, 2017

    Very impressive article written by you Aparna Ji. Thank you very much

      • Aparna
      • October 11, 2017

      Thank you Kumar! Rarely do people understand what I try to convey!


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