Understanding the male psychology@ Saudagar – 1973 film.

Understanding the male psychology@ Saudagar – 1973 film.

Understanding the male psychology@ Saudagar – 1973 film.

Based on Bengali story, Ras by Narendranath Mitra…lol – Bengali who else!!?

Moti is a businessman (man basically).

He happens to see a voluptuous damsel (Phoolbano) and wants to marry her. Her father asks for dowry (Meher) which he has to collect.

He hits upon a plan. He marries his business associate, Mejubhen (who made gur – molasses) for him to sell in the market. She is an aged (older to him) thin & shrivelled widow. Because he married her – he did not have to pay her plus he was sorted for couple of months – with cooked food and clean clothes & house ready for him. He does not show any interest in eff-ing her though – for she was not attractive enough (this should have been enough hint about his ulterior motives btw….but the grey cells of the entire women clan apparently is on leave…vacationing in some distant island with an imaginary lover)! The poor lady had no clue as to what was his trip actually!

He eventually collects enough money – kicked her butt (divorced her) & married Phoolbano!

After all the bodily pleasures, the season of selling comes & Moti asks Phoolbano to prepare gur. She was more into ‘sleeping & having fun’ and making gur was something that she was not very fond of. She gets busy in beautifying herself and manages to spoil the gur recipe!(famous song ‘sajna hai mujhe’ – after which she gets a tight slap from the same sajna! – lol).

He eventually takes her – shamelessly – to Mejubhen so that she could teach her to make gur. Film ends here!

Conclusion :

  • Male (some…majority actually) psychology is pretty clear here! They give more importance to ‘skin’ – beauty is just skin-deep for them. Period.
  • Women also understand this syndrome that males suffer from…and thus they are more into spending time in the beauty parlours and trying desperately to look young, taut and firm…lest the male they are tied to through marriage & rituals will kick their butt and go. They are thus giving lesser time to household requirements but diving for Botox and silicon sack treatments…or are just plain indifferent to the emotional needs of males – tit for tat after all huh!
    (PS. Males (some) start having emotional needs only after reaching an age where they are unable to perform voraciously on bed…not before that)
  • Any kind of proposal should definitely be followed by a total background check before agreeing to marry any bloke with ulterior motives (men should also do a thorough background check – episodes of Saavdhaan India showing females torturing men – just unbelievable …eerie)….how long would humans remain dumb is the matter to ponder upon now!



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  1. @admin
    movie is good. nutan g done very good role.
    what u think at present time amitabh g do this character?

      • Aparna
      • September 26, 2016

      Why not? He is just playing a ‘character’. He has done films like Nishabd or Aks……pretty bold concepts for the Indian psyche.


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