Don’t Blame Your Children for Embracing a Promiscuous Lifestyle

Don’t Blame Your Children for Embracing a Promiscuous Lifestyle

Don’t Blame Your Children for Embracing a Promiscuous Lifestyle

Are they to blame? In the late 1990s, we were all exposed to American sitcoms and rom-coms where promiscuous lifestyles were depicted as the norm. These shows undermined morals and values like chastity and loyalty, presenting them as outdated. It’s no surprise that today’s youth, influenced by these ideas from the superpower USA, experiment with these misguided behaviors. Unfortunately, this has led to a generation suffering from anxiety and depression, seeking therapy as early as 24. Immorality degrades the soul, and a soul hurt by immoral values reacts negatively, sinking deeper into the pit of depression.

It’s akin to giving alcohol to an infant who needs milk to nourish their body. Similarly, embracing adventurous but highly immoral lifestyles—whether due to peer pressure or succumbing to the allure of the xxx entertainment world—leads to individual suffering.

If you were raised in an environment promoting pure and chaste values but choose to defy them as old-fashioned, you suffer the most. Families that disregard purity, loyalty, or chaste values don’t mind a promiscuous life because their children have witnessed such behaviors all their lives. The real problem arises for those who have experienced a loving and caring environment. They go astray, realize that a promiscuous lifestyle is a waste, and try to return to their values. But often, it’s too late, and acceptance from society diminishes, pushing them deeper into depression. Decent people start viewing them as toxic and avoid them, reinforcing the idea that they brought the troubles upon themselves.

Reel life and real life are vastly different. You may learn a lesson or two from a story, but that doesn’t mean you should follow a director’s imagination and ruin your life.

Therefore, folks, remember: real life demands real values. Make choices that nurture your soul and build a foundation for a fulfilling life.


No, I do not mean to imply that we, Indians, were innocent doves before the introduction of American rom-coms. Of course, immoral and promiscuous lifestyles have existed since probably the beginning of time. I am merely pointing out that children now have more arguments to defy their chaste culture. They see examples of supremacy and success being attained through immoral lives and question why they should adhere to chaste and pure values.


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