Ritu Agarwal – An Entrepreneur With A Heart Of Gold!

Ritu Agarwal – An Entrepreneur With A Heart Of Gold!

Ritu Agarwal – An Entrepreneur With A Heart Of Gold!

I had the good fortune of meeting Ms. Ritu Agarwal in person at a debut musical event ‘Saltlake Forever’.

I had seen and read about her earlier but meeting her was a different experience altogether. She is so humble and down to earth plus so soft spoken that I couldn’t help asking her how come she manages 200 plus labourers especially in a state like West Bengal – where we all know how difficult it is to get our work done! Not only our state but the statement ‘Devil lies in implementation’ is something agreed worldwide!

Ms. Agarwal’s reply was simple, she said: I become one of them when I work! I get on the floor myself and take care of the minutest of details – delegate the jobs accordingly and inspect periodically …I personally pay attention to all the nitty gritties so that everything goes perfect.

Another question of mine had yet another simple but profound reply….

I asked her what motivates her….and she said: Love – love for her work!

Well….we have all heard ‘Work is worship’ but this new phrase ‘work is love’ is certainly a very beautiful idea! I had read a quote by Steve Jobs :

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Ms. Ritu Agarwal has truly shown the results of loving her work – her love exudes from her creativity! And I am sure it is the same love that gets distributed among her workers – when she delegates them their respective duties and responsibilities – that the work is done with such perfection & finesse!


One last question revealed the compassionate side of her personality…..

What else does she want to do in life?

Being a social worker and a woman herself, she wants to uplift the conditions of oppressed women by giving them financial independence through training them with various vocational curriculums so that they can live with dignity and respect! After all it is the woman who brings forth the future generation – it is in her womb that a soul gets an opportunity to express itself – so it becomes all the more mandatory that women – the mothers – should always hold their heads high – so that her children learn to respect womanhood – respect and be responsible for the progress of entire humanity.

One can find more details about her works and services in her website –

About Ritu Agarwal:

Her path to event design started with Bachelor of Arts (1992), Loreto House, Kolkata,India followed by Diploma in Interior Designing (1993), Jenson and Nicholson and various Diplomas in Painting, Sculpting, Flower Arrangement, Floor Decoration.

When she switched to Event Design , she never looked back.


A Sahaja Yogini ( - mostly meditating for self realization. Had become an ardent spiritual aspirant way back in 1992 after reading Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda - after 10 years, my Spiritual Guru came in my life! If you are seeking the divine, do visit and know all about Kundalini Shakti awakening and self realization!


    • Mrs and Mr P K Singhania
    • January 10, 2018

    We have seen how Ritu Agarwal has grown in her sphere of profession with hard work and dedication. We have noticed her dedication and conviction towards every project she takes up, leaving her clients joyous and satisfied! We wish her all the growth and properity in every sphere of her activities!

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