MS Dhoni – The Untold Story: A Review

MS Dhoni – The Untold Story: A Review

MS Dhoni – The Untold Story: A Review


What tenacity, what passion to achieve…and what lovely friends! Such great male-bonding…such selfless friends! I am actually jealous of men…esp. their friendship….this is a great USP men have…they are very united…unlike women – we suffer from jealousy!

This male-bonding is actually very dangerous for us females…..they divide and rule over us…because of this one quality they have – they work as a unit!

Nothing much to write about the film – it is a real life story after all!

Just that mentors are so important in one’s life! They can change the entire course of your life! A boy who was more interested in football became an ace cricketer just because the PT teacher happened to see him stop goals! And at the age of 30, this same boy won India the world cup after 2 decades! He had his share of ups and downs but he did not give up. And he did not smoke or drink plus he stopped his other friends to have it too…a true friend indeed!

Good to see a son take his parents out of the small flat and buy them a good big apartment….usually some males are ashamed of their simple parents and begin to lead a new life with their wives – all alone – severing relationship with parents and relatives! Showed that he – Mahi Dhoni i.e. was very down to earth and practical and did not let fame hit his head..he did not become arrogant and mixed with his friends in exactly the  same way he mixed with them when he was just a struggler!

Also showed Indians….and their cricket craze.  It was good to see people sitting together and watching India win ..or play – probably the only time when Indian citizens bond with each other..happily!



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