Lotterohol – Eating up our Men!- A 19th November Article

Lotterohol – Eating up our Men!- A 19th November Article

Lotterohol – Eating up our Men!

I am writing this article on behalf of the lesser-educated/ privileged section of our society. Though they are underprivileged but verily it is because of them that the privileged section of the society have got this ‘Privileged Class’ designation. Yes, I am talking about our domestic helpers.

8 out of 10 ladies who report to various households as domestic helpers suffer from this thing called – Lotterohol Syndrome – meaning husbands spend away whatever they earn in consuming alcohol and buying lottery tickets!

The husbands are rest assured that the basic needs – food, house rent, water rent and electricity charges will definitely be fulfilled by their wives – who get out of their houses (read huts ) at day-break and return home only after dawn – working like race horses in 8 to 10 houses – cooking, cleaning, baby-sitting, geriatric-sitting – such jobs are endless!

So with this assurance on mind, the husbands – who maybe carpenters, mason, daily wage labours, rickshaw pullers, autodrivers etc. report to work – but when in the evening they get their stipend, they spend it in buying either lottery tickets or consuming alcohol or doing both!

Honestly this is very stressful for the women who are also slogging day and night trying to make both ends meet! My helper also has a school going daughter – meaning more expenditure – school books, uniform, fees – she has to single-handedly pay for everything – because her husband is least bothered about what is happening in the home front!

I asked her why she cannot just move away and live alone elsewhere – to which she replied – very practical reply indeed – that if she takes a drastic step as separation then the society will blame her, call her immoral and on top of it – if males of any locality come to know that she is living alone – away from her husband – they will make her life a living-hell! …meaning they will expect her to become their concubine!!

So in today’s ultra modern and ultra hep and highly advanced world where do women go under such circumstances?

Methinks that the cheap alcohol shops and lottery ticket sellers should be banned completely!

Let’s see what men in Men’s day do about it!


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