CP (Crime Patrol) @26th October, 2020, 11pm

CP (Crime Patrol) @26th October, 2020, 11pm

CP (Crime Patrol) @26th October, 2020, 11pm

A female, born and brought up in a metropolitan city – Mumbai – is wed off to a small town male. She was ambitious as she belonged to the land of dreams and exposed to the lifestyle of a big city. When a daughter’s marriage is arranged in India, she is seldom asked about her desire or viewpoint! If the man agrees to marry, the parents jump with joy – irrespective of the fact that the man maybe a womanizer, a drunkard, a chain smoker, insensitive, paedophilic …. nothing is checked! Just the fact that he is a male and is having a job! That’s all! This episode showed us exactly how such an arranged marriages can ruin things for several people……
SO the female wed off to a small town male sleeps with her husband to produce two daughters (poor daughters born to incompatible couple) ! Since she was unhappy to be stuck in a small town forever, she starts having extra-marital affairs with various males and the husband also knew all about it…probably the husband also slept around and both were probably pretty okay about it! ‘You’re not okay, I’m not okay’ – the bombo-combo!
Problem started when the daughters grew. The husband (and father of the 2 daughters) began to physically and sexually abuse his own daughters – 17 and 7 years old ! When the daughters complained to the mother, she turned a deaf ear… after all her husband was allowing her to have sex with any (many) male(s) she liked – so she did not interfere with her husband’s desire to devour their own daughters!

The elder daughter elopes with her lover and she took her 7 years old sister along with her as well! Unfortunately the male she married was unemployed so she started to work as a domestic helper that did not fetch her enough money….she then joined a group of artists who were experts in nude painting! She stood disrobed in front of the ‘supposedly’ sophisticated artists and started to make more money. Her husband became suspicious so he followed her one day and saw for himself that she was a nude model to several artists! He left her…yeah…not every man is as broad minded as certain parents or husbands who allow their female counterparts to jump around nude or negligibly dressed…esp. in order to make money!
What happened next? Please tie your safety belts! The beep father finds the whereabouts of his daughter and her lover and murders them both and buries them in his backyard – and everything was witnessed by his wife (mother) ! Like his wife (mother of 2 daughters) was such a desperate sex-starved BEEP – that she did not report to the cops, nor did she try to stop….but continued to live with her murderer husband…and support him too!! Did you see folks….what happens when a child is born out of lust or just duty performance of their parents……hell gets created for children born to such BEEPING BEEPS?
What about the 7 years old daughter? Yeah – there is more to come!! SO the 7 years old girl starts to live with a gang of goons who drew blood from these children (and fed them well too) and sold their blood in the market. Why? Because some beeping beep of a chemist/ druggist/ cosmetologist / scientist came up with the dumb idea that children’s blood will help aged idiots to retain their youth! Why retain youth? So that they have more time for sex!! Gosh, such beeping beeps we co-exist with!!

So this young girl gets caught by the cops and that is how the mystery of dead bodies, fresh blood sold in the market, paedophilic and incestual father gets revealed! Meaning – if the girl hadn’t been caught, no one would ever know of the gory things that take place in the society we live in!!
Jai ho!

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