Appreciate Opportunities - A Short Story

Appreciate Opportunities - A Short Story

Appreciate Opportunities – A Short Story

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there lived a young and ambitious software engineer named Manish. Despite being an average student academically, he managed to complete a diploma course in software development. Through his uncle’s recommendation, Manish secured a job in a prestigious multinational corporation (MNC). However, within the organization, he found himself surrounded by exceptionally intelligent developers while he was assigned to the department of maintenance and support.

Manish had always been fascinated by the stories of successful entrepreneurs who had started from humble beginnings. He often found inspiration in their tales of high school dropouts building empires from small garages. Driven by the desire to make it big like his role models, Manish started to lose interest in the tasks assigned to him at work. Instead, he began dreaming of opening his own small office and assembling a team to develop and sell apps.

While he continued his job during the day, Manish started taking on freelance projects in the evenings. He recruited a few of his friends from the diploma course to work alongside him. However, his dedication to his office work began to decline rapidly. He would spend hours chatting and delegating tasks to his team, believing that he was clever enough to go unnoticed while he pursued his own ambitions.

The project manager, growing increasingly frustrated with Manish’s lackadaisical attitude, personally warned him a few times, both informally during lunch breaks and casual tea breaks, and later formally as well. However, Manish remained convinced that he was destined to become the Indian version of Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.

Eventually, unable to tolerate Manish’s negligence any longer, the company decided to let him go. Despite this setback, Manish refused to lose hope. He continued working with his friends on freelance projects for the next two months. However, he soon discovered that his friends were not as committed to their work as he had hoped. They used their newfound knowledge of freelancing to make money without giving their best effort, just as Manish had done during his time in the office.

To make matters worse, Manish experienced a devastating blow in his personal life. His childhood sweetheart, Meghna, had to break up with him due to intense family pressure. Initially, Meghna’s parents had accepted Manish because of his MNC job, steady income, and promising future. However, with Manish being dismissed from the organization, her parents feared he was whimsical and irresponsible. They believed that his decision to give up a stable job for an uncertain business venture showcased a lack of prudence. Despite being aware of Manish’s average academic performance, they had consented to the relationship solely because of his job. But now, they did not want to risk their only daughter’s future with someone they perceived as unstable.

Manish found himself heartbroken, facing both the loss of his dreams and the loss of his relationship. With his freelance companions and girlfriend gone, he was forced to confront the reality of his situation. Determined to move forward, he began applying for positions in small private companies, humbled by his experiences and ready to rebuild his life.

Although Manish’s journey took an unexpected turn, it became a lesson in humility and resilience. He learned the importance of dedication and responsibility, realizing that dreams must be pursued with a balanced approach. As he embarked on a new chapter, Manish carried with him the wisdom gained from his failures, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead. And perhaps, in time, he would find success through a combination of hard work, determination, and a newfound appreciation for the opportunities that came his way.


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