Lust Stories – Netflix Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Lust Stories – Netflix Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Lust Stories – Netflix Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

There are 4 stories in this film. Untitled films – so let me give them a title…then you might like to read too…

  1. Sur-phiri Lady Professor (Crazy lady professor)
  2. Maid Servant’s Prasaad
  3. Sexy Librarian & the Dildo Biwi
  4. Wife’s Part Time Lover


Sur-Phiri Lady Professor

So this lady looks to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She is married to a man who is 12 years older to her. Usually a woman wants a sense of security from her man – that is the basic instinct. But because her husband is much older to her and a veteran in having sex with multiple sex partners, he tells his young wife to explore her life her way and enjoy her life – basically giving her the freedom to fu*k around as he does not want to get stuck with some chaste / possessive woman….esp. when he himself believes in sleeping around, he expects his wife to eff around too – so that both are even (the ‘you are not ok, I am not ok’ syndrome written by me in an earlier article).

Now this lady seems to be full of awe and love for  her  husband and tries to follow whatever he suggests her. She cites examples starting from Amrita Pritam’s love stories to Draupadi ‘s life with 5 husbands – trying to convince herself as well as the viewers that ‘females can have multiple sex partners and there is nothing wrong with it…when males can have, why can’t females have’…so like this she convinces herself and in order to explore her freedom and sensuality – she dives on bed with her student! She goes to his house and teaches him the art of effing too!

Later when the boy stares at her during class hours, she scolds him also. She expects him to stalk her, go crazy for her, tell her that he can’t live without her etc. etc….for this is what is usually seen and heard – in cheap chiclits and ‘z’ grade films – not ‘B’ grade, ‘z’ grade….nothing lower than ‘z’ actually so stuck with ‘z’ – okay?

But nothing of this sort happens and the young boy starts spending more time with his class mate, a girl. The professor could not tolerate this and starts stalking him instead, trying her best to break his relationship with his classmate. The boy then suddenly tells her that even he is interested in her…just as she has gone crazy for him. It is at this moment that the professor heaves a sigh of relief – as now the thing was as seen, heard and read. She then declines his proposal of being together with him – in a jiffy she got over her weakness for him! Basically she was never interested in him – just perturbed with the fact that her story was not according to ‘what she thought is right’!

It was also shown that she was missing her husband and was lonely too. She also tries to sleep with her colleague – a Mathematics Professor – who she found to be pretty boring too! All this just to find herself as taught to her by her ‘zero personality, character dhila hai husband’! What a waste of talent!- many girls are ruining their lives trying to follow irresponsible pervert males!

There were other colleagues in the college staff room who were pretty much level headed and thought very lowly of the fact that a professor  should have sexual relationship with his/ her student! They were discussing that a professor was even jailed for having sex with a 19 years old student! Basically majority of people worldwide know and understand the consequences of immoral life…but few confused beeps ruin it all for many young students, their families, nation, world…..


Maid Servant’s Prasaad

A very commonly occurring scenario in today’s world. Both parents live away from children. And the financially independent children are living a life according to their own free will!

In this film, the boy is an IT Engineer who is happily humping the young maid servant. His parents come to pay him a visit and finalize his marriage with a working girl – she is also an IT Engineer. The maid servant listens to their conversation from the kitchen – she is slightly heart broken but has no say about anything whatsoever. She makes tea for them and serves snacks as well.

The parents are heard talking about how well the horoscopes have matched and the marriage is made in heaven kinds and all that blah blah. Their marriage is fixed and the maid is given some expensive sweetmeats to carry home – as the son of the house has got engaged!

Conclusion – A highly educated working girl gets a husband who has already been tasted, laid, eff-ed by an uncouth maid servant living in a basti! Some great horoscope match that was huh!!

Also the male will continue to hump the maid servant who will be a consenting adult btw. because her standard of a ‘hump partner’ has gotten raised after all – it will be rather difficult for her to accept some slum dweller neighbour as her hubby!

The highly educated working lady will have a slum dweller souten – without her knowledge of course…unless of course  he is caught red-handed while humping the maid…after marriage – that is highly probable too.


next 2 reviews coming up soon….


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