How to recognize a genuine celebrity?

How to recognize a genuine celebrity?

How to recognize a genuine celebrity?

Evaluate their relationship with family members and relatives. If their familial connections are strained, marked by avoidance or inability to stand each other’s presence, it might indicate a person more adept at acting than living authentic experiences. Such individuals may be prone to deceiving others with unrealistic fantasies and unattainable dreams.

If someone struggles to maintain harmonious relationships with those who raised, nurtured, and educated them, it suggests a lack of gratitude. Individuals with such thankless attitudes should not assume influential roles, as their negative disposition may influence susceptible individuals.


Exceptions exist when an individual’s family is involved in criminal activities like drug peddling or organ harvesting. In such cases, breaking free from such influences becomes not only acceptable but highly commendable. Becoming a celebrity in this context can serve as a platform to promote truth and discourage support for falsehood, even if it means distancing oneself from one’s own family.

For example throughout history, numerous instances highlight the complex dynamics within families and the challenging decisions individuals face:

  1. Bhakta Prahlad’s Ordeal: In the past, Bhakta Prahlad became the reason for the confrontation with his own father. The demon father, Hiranyakashyapu, was ultimately defeated when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Narasimha to protect His devotee Prahlad.
  2. Shri Krishna’s Counsel to Arjuna: In the epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to not only defeat but annihilate the entire Kaurava clan. This included revered teachers and even his great-grandfather (Bhisma Pitameh) , as they had deviated from the path of dharma.
  3. Aarya’s Struggle: In the recent Zee5 tele-serial “Aarya,” featuring Sushmita Sen, the narrative unfolds the challenges of surviving within a family involved in the drug trade. The protagonist manages to escape the clutches of her family’s dark dealings but is compelled to return and face the repercussions of their drug business.

These stories illustrate the complexities and moral dilemmas individuals may encounter within familial relationships, where tough decisions are sometimes imperative for the greater good.


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