Lust Stories 2 -Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

Lust Stories 2 -Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

Lust Stories 2 -Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

“Lust Stories” is a collection of four narratives that delves into the theme of desire and its impact on relationships. Each story offers a different perspective on lust, exploring the complexities and consequences that arise from these intense human emotions. While the film unapologetically embraces its theme, it may leave viewers with mixed feelings due to its provocative and sometimes ambiguous storytelling.

In the first story, we encounter an aged grandmother who firmly believes that sex is the key to a successful marriage. Given her background and the era in which she grew up, her perspective is somewhat understandable. Encouraging her granddaughter to have sex with her fiancé, she believes it will ensure a strong bond. The granddaughter, initially claiming that she has already experienced sexual relationships, goes along with her grandmother’s suggestion and enjoys the encounter, leading to their eventual marriage. This segment explores the generational gap in attitudes towards sexuality and the evolving dynamics of relationships.

The second story focuses on an aging woman who becomes sexually aroused by watching her maid engaging in intimate acts on her bed. While this segment delves into the realm of lust, it leaves viewers questioning the woman’s motivations and the blurred boundaries of consent and power dynamics. The ambiguous nature of this story may not resonate with all viewers, as it lacks a clear message or purpose.

The third story stands out for its exploration of consequences. A lustful man murders his pregnant wife in order to marry a wealthier woman who promises to secure his position as a CEO. However, he faces a haunting punishment in the afterlife, trapped in a realm devoid of free will and filled with suffering. This segment serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the repercussions of immoral actions.

The final story portrays the harsh reality of destiny. It follows the life of a sex worker who manages to escape her previous circumstances, only to find herself in a more disgraceful existence. Despite her newfound status as the wife of a powerful politician and a proud mother, she is trapped in a cycle of lust and suffering. This segment exposes the darker side of human nature and the challenges faced by individuals who are trapped by their circumstances.

Overall, “Lust Stories” boldly explores the theme of lust and its impact on human relationships. However, the provocative nature of some stories and the ambiguity in certain segments may leave viewers with mixed emotions. While some narratives offer thought-provoking insights, others may leave viewers questioning their purpose. Ultimately, “Lust Stories” serves as a reminder of the complex and often unpredictable nature of human desire and its consequences.

Lust Stories

Stories according to the title – doing total justice to the title.

Story I:
An aged lustful grandmother is convinced that it is only sex that keeps the marriage going. Quite understandable given her age and era when she was a youth – probably uneducated and all that was expected from a woman was to produce babies and take care of the household. Such females are bound to think that only ‘effing’ will bring success to the marriage. She suggests her granddaughter to have sex with her fiancée. So the granddaughter replies that she has had boyfriends (meaning has had sex before) and it is not a big deal – yet she goes ahead and amply enjoy coitus with her fiancée and they get married!

Story II:

A aged desperate female gets aroused by watching her maid servant ‘making it’ on her bad! She later shags fantasizing whatever she had to. In this era where pornography rules and easily available online – why did she allow her slum dweller domestic helper even climb on her bed…leave alone doing the needful there as well. True blue lust story but very ambiguous.

Story III:

I personally liked it. A lustful male gets his pregnant wife murdered so that he could marry a richer female who promised to get him the position of a CEO in her father’s company. He gets the ample punishment of getting stranded in the realm of suspension and vacuum – a realm that is much much more painful than the 3 dimensional world we exist in. Post death, the realms you get pulled to strip you off your ‘Free Will’ and your soul becomes a slave of some senior ghost – souls that lose their lives due to accidents/ murders or suicide get stranded in this dangerously painful existence.

Story IV : Establishes the fact that humans are stamped by their destiny. Story of a sex worker who was taken out of her muck – only to fall into a deeper muck of disgraceful existence. Although the sex worker got the position and designation of a married woman, married to a powerful politician in a small village plus a proud mother of a son, but her bad luck followed her wherever she went! Like father, like son story – both turn out to be libidinous sex starved males who could do with anyone as long as it was the body of a female! The wife-mother- ex-sex-worker was left to lament for the rest of her life.


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