Ludo – A Netflix Release – Review by Kalyug Briefs

Ludo – A Netflix Release – Review by Kalyug Briefs

Ludo – A Netflix Release #ludomovie #ludonetflix

I saw the film yesterday and today, being Bhai Dooj – when Lord Yama and his doots (messengers, Grim Reapers) are also worshipped, I thought of writing a quick review of it!
So Lord Yama and Chitragupt are in conversation and Chitragupt is shown to be pretty much confused about all this ‘Karma’ and ‘Dharma’ fundas ! He is seen asking Lord Yama about how is virtue or vice judged and on what basis are humans punished!

Here are four stories that is witnessed in this film:

An underworld Don or a big-time thug is dreaded by one and all – police, commoners, politicians etc. He is a murderer and does odd jobs for the commoners in exchange of money. When people fail to pay him back on time, he brings them to his den and tortures them.
Couple A (male) and B (female) – Through a matrimony or mating site, they meet each other and become friends – ‘F*ck’ friends to be precise. Female B makes it very clear to male A that she is searching for a filthy rich and handsome man to marry – and till she finds him, she will have sex with him! Wow!! so modern and advanced – a round of applause here please – women are after all celebrating their Freedom – yipeeee! (PS – this is how FREEDOM is defined by the entertainment world – they need sassy, shameless females to entertain Producers and Sponsors etc. – so Freedom of sex with multiple sex partners has been propagated as something very modern and advanced to the dumb blokes born to greedy/ pervert families!

Anyways, back to the story, so couple A and B reach a sleazy hotel where the manager records their love-making… F*cking time video and uploads it on the internet – without their knowledge of course. Male A sees the porn video – just before female B is about to get married to a rich and handsome man. Female B gets tensed because the rich male may kick her butt anytime if he sees that his fiancée is a porn star… together they go in search of the hotel that recorded their private moments and made it public!
A lady C and another man D – both are poor and unconfident and bullied at their work place, C is a nurse and D is a salesman at a mall. While the goons were fighting, they manage to make some money and they live happily ever after.
Male E used to work for the Don but left him because he had fallen in love. Don could not tolerate that his blue-eyed boy left him – so he falsely fabricated some crime on E’s name and sent him to jail. While in jail he comes to know that his wife married his best friend . He is heart broken, sad and angry.
Girl child F has a neglected childhood – both her parents are busy working and she yearns for their attention. F plans her kidnapping and asks E to help her out with her kidnapping. He helps her out and makes some money out of it. Child F gets the attention of her parents for which they had to spend Rs. 90 lakhs!! pathetic condition of busy parents and lonely children in kalyug!
Male G loves female H wholeheartedly but never could tell her so. Female H gets married to male J and begins to live happily ever after – but male J, her husband, was a womaniser and was happily going about having an affair! Finally wife H kills husband J for his promiscuous nature. Who is at fault – the husband of course. The wife H is a murderer of 3 persons…..but I guess all is forgiven and forgotten……
Confused already? Well yea – its all too confusing. Basically their lives intersect each other and a confusing mesh is created. There are problems, issues, showdowns and gunning – some die and some survive.

So at the end Chitragupt asks Lord Yama – what is paap (sin) and what is punya (good deeds) – and Lord Yama says – nothing is – it is all a perception and that we live in the minds of dull humans who are trying to survive in this world by defining vices, virtues and other blah blah stuff!!! – wow! What a revelation!! Probably the writer, director, producer and actors of this film are not aware of Garuda Purana where explicit details of wrong deeds are given! They even nullified Bhagvad Geeta – where rebirth and karmas are described quite clearly.
Basically – as I mentioned earlier, entertainment world needs actors and assistants with zero scruples – they better be shameless and greedy for money, fame and even dull to some extent or else why would they agree to be a part of their nasty creativity?!
So at the end – everything is fair and just – so there is no need to lead a righteous life – down with values, chastity and purity – be lustful, f*ck around, kill people randomly – just do whatever you want to do – slip down to lowly drains of hell and serve the devil…and stay put in this tormenting life cycle of birth and death! Hail Entertainment!!

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