Happy New Year 2014 – Film Article

Happy New Year 2014 – Film Article

Indians are preparing for a Sexy Happy New Year …starting since Diwali!

What a relief..release Sirji(s)….

Indian Admin wonders how to stop rapes and other atrocities against women.

Pimps will make a lot of money – males will approach them after the show for a ‘Quicky’ with the local prostitute….like how can they keep their libidos under control – males who have the money to pay for the services ie.

Males who do not have money will spoil the bed sheets and the females in the household will get into heavy duty washing….happily of course – Indian woman after all.

Vamps cry since heroine snatched away her role…her USP!


Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Movie Review?

Nothing to review- they just showed how easy or simple it is to dupe Administrative officers (at Hotels, Airports etc.) worldwide. Period.








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