Go-Goa-Gone – Film Review

Go-Goa-Gone – Film Review

Go-Goa-Gone – Film Review

Pathetic film!

Anyways let’s find out the USPs:

  1. Commoners (esp. bachelors – with no responsibilities whatsoever) – hate Mondays – for they will have to report to work on Monday!
  2. Such males work …. not to send money to aged parents or take up any family responsibility but to enjoy – booze, junk food, parties, game ‘ readily available’ girls and basically waste money.

  3. One should be prudent about selecting friends – the boy whose flat was shared by 2 of his ‘really belonging to lower/ cheap/ crassy kind of family’ friends almost take his life in pursuing ‘sheer stupidity’ – like to visit a remote Island…infested with … hold your breath … LOL… Zombies!!
  4. Why – ‘really belonging to lower/ cheap/ crassy kind of family’ as stated above? – because of the ideas and ideals they had and the way they spent time and money (someone else’s money ie. ) like drain water! The owner of the flat had given them money for paying the electricity bill…but they had bought booze and cheap films to watch all night – with his money!! ( if the owner of the flat – their friend – had even wee bit of brains – he should have kicked them both out of his life ..and because he did not drive away the ‘parasites’ on time …he did suffer – BADLY – was almost about to die because of his STUPID wasteful friends.

  5. Anyways – the fact that the boozers and drug addicts in the remote Island club turned into zombies – can be an allegory .. ie. those who overindulge in such was frivolous / cheap/ vulgar /life-risking pursuits….are like dead-bodies who are just a waste to the society….not just waste but dangerous too – for they themselves reach HELL and take others with them also!
  6. The office conference room big table is used for ‘sex’ by BEEPish employees!….they use condoms though!

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