Crisscross – Bengali Film review by

Crisscross – Bengali Film review by

Crisscross –  Bengali Film review by

Film talks about New age modern women.

According to this film – new age women – be it ultra modern, modern or not modern at all – are basically sad, depressed, stressed, confused & cheated! And since the new age women are being shown, new age men are also shown along with their female counterparts – who turn out to be – sissy, cheaters, losers, strugglers and frustrated! But obvious though – if females are unhappy, by default, males will also be unhappy – we complement each other after all!

Let us handle the ladies one by one –

Ira – A reporter cum photographer – ambitious and works hard with the desire to get promoted and for salary hikes etc. Very natural. She is in a live-in relationship with a male who stays at home and pretends to be a goody goody wife to her. Very clever girl to have chosen a man who agreed to cook and clean home front while she is slogging her as* off in the office! Clever man too huh! – sit at home, cook and use her ATM card to buy stuff! So two clever people decide to live in and live happily ever after! Wow! She is usually shown stressed almost always as the boss pressurises her a lot. Because of work pressure, she is reluctant to get married and always delaying…because of which the male in her life is pretty upset – where else will he get such fantastic life huh – sitting at home, cooking and cleaning and enjoying life. After marriage, they will obviously hire a maid so even that much will be erased from the male’s life – wow! Child birth will be borne by the female of course – only I guess nappy changing and rocking the baby to sleep etc. will come as an extra load for the male later….again a maid can be hired for the same…..anyways – all this is not shown in the film – just my future projection….

The male in her life has a sister who is a blogger. She is shifting base to Bangalore – moving away from parents and going to live alone in Bangalore! For a home based job – why does one want to shift base…..probably she though being away from parents, she can meet new people, men…to live happily ever after with…so she was going away to try her luck elsewhere. Since her brother was happily living-in with a female in the same town as his parents….she could not be as brash…so the decision to change city I guess!

Miss Sen – A successful corporate business woman. Separated from husband and her daughter. Daughter had already died but the loser husband had kept it a secret from his wife and was happily extracting money from her to enjoy his life. Strangely enough – as it was revealed later – the wife knew about her daughter’s death but was continuing to give him money just in order to see how cheeky and cheap can he get. She lost her self control and asked him to get lost when she found out that he was catching a flight to some hill station with another female! So daughter’s death was not as devastating for her as her ex-hubby’s body being enjoyed by another female! Hail Successful woman!

Rupa – A house wife who desperately wants to become a mother but her impotent husband is incapable of even making love to her – leave alone father a child! She is taking medicinal help to increase her hubby’s libido but her husband is least bothered about all this! He does not work because they have a huge house which they give away to tenants and that is how they earn their livelihood. She has a younger brother in law, who eve-teases her often and proposes that she sleeps with him instead to conceive. She mentions to her friend that she would love to wear off shouldered short dresses and high heels like many girls wear – she thought it to be very modern and stylish! Must be belonging to some rural remote village where girls think that city girls – who put on cheap dresses exposing their vital stats – are very lucky!! Later she found out that she was suffering from lung cancer – last stage- so she decided to sell away her gold ornaments, buys a maxi, goes to a beauty parlour and walks around on the streets wearing the new dress. Very sad life indeed! Media has eaten up the heads of such less literate village belles by showing cheap actresses and models being very happy to show their cleavage, legs and butts to everyone in public! Sadly many females crave to be as shameless as the models and actresses are shown to be…probably many such village belles don’t know that such dressed up girls are mostly pick-up girls and sex-workers in the city!

Suzy – She is an artist. She has a son. She is shown to have a drug addict/ drunkard husband who beat her up often giving a disturbed childhood to the son. She is struggling to make both ends meet. She is sad. Women should be very prudent while selecting a life partner I must say! It is definitely better to be alone than to be tied to some loser – drunkard, drug addict, womaniser and mess up their life completely! She was single handedly bringing up her son, had no job, had no fees to pay for her son’s education….and her loser hubby had left her without even bothering for the son!

Meher – A wannabe model. She wants to be an actress. She is faced by casting couch males in the industry but she never takes the easy route to stardom – since girls in the glamour world are often seen as game girls with zero scruples – she is shown a bit different – and hence suffering endlessly. As the saying goes – In Rome, do what the Romans do…..similarly, in the glamour world – do what the other glamour girls do……

Any eye-candy or take home visuals for perverts – Not much, only that there are couple of road side singers where the lead female singer is wearing a 2 inch long frock barely managing to cover her panty…with wind blowing and all….


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