Condom in the Geometry Box – Short Story

Condom in the Geometry Box – Short Story

Condom in the Geometry Box

Disclaimer – No, this is not some progressive story/ article as the title suggests – rather a ‘supposedly’ regressive thought/idea for many English speaking, reading and understanding Indians! The story is for those Indians who feel that India is a backward country because of lack of ‘sex’ education and once this ‘sex’ issue is taken care of – in the sense when ‘sex’ will be free and open – and people, esp. women, will be freely able to express her sensuality in public –  all criminalities will come to a standstill! This story is for those super-intelligent people.

Scene – daughter is getting ready to go to school. Mother hands over the tiffin box to her and she hurriedly puts it in the bag. As daughter (Mili) is about to leave, he mother (Rita) asks her –

Mother – Mili, I hope you have taken the condoms with you. You have 2 free periods today, you may wanna use them honey!

Mili – Why are you asking me? I told you to put it in my Geometry box – did you not?

Mother – I did – but you must re-check – I may have forgotten, I have grown old after all (she chuckles).

Mili opens the geometry box to check whether her mother remembered to put in the condoms.

Mili – Shit! What the hell mom! You bought banana flavoured condoms – hell – I categorically asked you to get the strawberry ones! Nitish Sir does not like banana flavour – he is allergic to the smell!

Mother – Nitish Sir? You mean your Maths teacher?

Mili – Yes – damn it – I have to now get down and get the condoms myself! You can’t even remember a single, simple instruction! No wonder why Dad left you – damn it!

Mother – Wait a minute – I am a bit confused! Nitish is around 45 years old – you are barely 15 – why on earth will you sleep with an old hag!? Do you know my age? I am 43, younger than your Nitish Sir!

Mili – So? You want to sleep with him or what?

Mother – No, not me but why should you sleep with an old hag!? Why not with your classmate – I have admitted you in a co-ed school – so that you don’t have to look elsewhere for a boy your age!

Mili – Shut up will you! Its my wish who I sleep with and who I reject – keep your dumb suggestions to yourself!

Mother – It’s not a dumb suggestion Mili! Me and your father were not compatible because he was 20 years older to me! I was never ever excited by his presence – but we were not as lucky as your generation – you can pick and choose anyone you want – but I was forced to get married to him!

Mili – You were not forced to but were dying to just get married – because you were already 27 years old and your singing stunt had failed miserably! And by the way, you did have a torrid affair with your neighbour’s son – who was 8 years younger to you and so you were hurriedly wed off before anyone came to know about your sexapades (escapade) !

Mother was taken aback by this piece of information – she did not know that Mili was aware of her sexapades!

Mother – Who told you all this….bullshit?

Mili – Shut Up mom – such things never remain hidden! Your best friend told me this when I was in class VI! Anyways, I am getting late, will tell you about my adventures when I come back home!

Mother – But I don’t like your sleeping with Nitish Sir! Yuck – how do you even get turned on by that old hag…why his daughter is your senior in school – isn’t it?

Mili – Chill Mom ! I am not getting married to him! I am poor in Maths, he will give me good marks to pass the exam…in fact many of my class girls are sleeping with him! He is a voracious sex monger!

Mother – That is blackmailing! I will tell his wife – I often get to meet her in the market – I will report everything to her!

Mili – Are you stupid mom !? His wife gets to sleep with our class boys! Because she is allowing him to sleep with us, he has to convince the boys to sleep with his wife!

Mother – Gosh! That old fat hag! How are boys even able to perform on her ? How do they get turned on by that ugly blob of meat?

Mili – There are many drugs available in the market mom…and why the heck are you bothered about who she is fu*king? Are you jealous or what?

Mother – forget about me Mili – I live through you and I am disturbed that you are having to sleep with the old hag! What’s the use of Sexual freedom – if you cannot choose your own young and virile sex-partner?

Mili – Mom – don’t be so naïve! Oof – as if Nitish Sir is the only male to have sex with! My date to have sex with sir is today, rest of the days I am picking up good stuff – don’t you worry! (she winks at her mom)

Her mother looks at her daughter with great admiration and awe! She was happy that her daughter was getting the pleasure of sex that she had just read about in pornography books and seen in films!

Later in the evening, Rita met Nitish’s wife (Neha) in the market. Rita teased her about feeding on young boys and showed interest in getting a chance too. She invited her for tea and both the 40 plus ladies decided to share the barely 15 years old boys for sex.

Life was good and very progressive for both.

Yet the criminal tendencies of citizens did not decrease! Good looking girls wanted to sleep with only good looking boys – so the ugly boys threw acid on their faces or raped them in the blind alley and killed them after rape because law and order was very strict and women centric too !

Plus the poor and unemployed continued to kidnap and engage in organ harvesting and sex trade – you see not everyone was as lucky as Nitish Sir – Nitish was having a good time every year with a new batch but other professions did not have such yearly new batches – but they wanted young girls for sex – so girl child kidnapping still took place….& murders, and rapes…and the ‘supposedly’ progressive minded people wondered what was lacking and why crime was still existing – in spite of free sex and free condoms being distributed in school!


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  1. The story is really interesting with a new look towards the sexual desire we keep hidden. It’s hilarious too!


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