New Bengali Movie Konttho – Kalyug Briefs Review

New Bengali Movie Konttho – Kalyug Briefs Review

New Bengali Movie Konttho – Kalyug Briefs Review

When you lose your most coveted possession – because of cancer – hell breaks loose for not just the individual but for all of those who are associated with him! Story of fighting cancer and surviving with full vigour. Only the lyrics of the last song of the film was disturbing!

So this RJ (Radio Jockey) smokes and drinks and because of excessive smoking, he suffers from throat cancer! Now for an RJ – who gets his monthly salary because of his voice – it was a devastating news! (cancer news is devastating for everyone btw.)

He meets a speech therapist who teaches him the art to speak without the voice box – with electronic gadgets and esophageal voice.
In the end he sings a song on the stage – and as I was reading the English subtitles of the lyrics – I was truly surprised!

It said something like:

I will fight with the whimsical God, I will put my foot on the chest of the whimsical God…blah blah..

Excuse me!! Whoever wrote such a song I wonder!!

It’s like :

 I will smoke – in spite of knowing that tobacco is injurious to health – it causes cancer – with ‘throat cancer image’ on the cigarette packet  – and when I eventually get cancer – I will blame God!? Call him whimsical!?

I will consume alcohol – in spite of knowing well that I can have liver or pancreatic cancer – and when I eventually fall prey to this deadly cancerous disease – I will call God whimsical and challenge His very existence!?

I will lead a licentious life – have sex with sex-workers and consenting adults – and when I suffer from AIDS or other venereal disease – I will scream and shout at the creator and call Him names!?

And such songs are played on loudspeakers and everyone else starts humming the song that calls God whimsical and what not!?

Deep sigh – for me it’s all so very dumb of humans! Period!



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