7 things we learned from India vs Bangladesh test series

7 things we learned from India vs Bangladesh test series

7 things we learned from India vs Bangladesh test series


The world has been an avid audience and enthusiast of cricket from time immemorial. To some, cricket happens to be one of the most important hobbies, while others enjoy watching the game with full enthusiasm and later on delve deep into the criticism of the same. The matches played by India against Bangladesh in this test series, was by all means a mere recapitulation of what has always been happening, as India defeated Bangladesh with great ease. But, in spite of its obvious results this match made us understand few lessons which by all means has stuck with us. But, whilst the test series was going on, it was not just the matches which had a major footfall, cricket betting industries also rained with bettors placing their bets on players, matches etc. is your guide to online betting in India, during this season of cricket festivity. So, the lessons learnt from India vs Bangladesh test series are:


India had always depended on spinners to get them wickets, whenever the team had to take wickets in the home game. But, with Virat Kohli’s captaincy, Indian team has generated a pace bowling duo, which seems to almost undefeatable. The duo is of Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin. The Bangladesh cricket team found it to be very difficult to tackle with this bowling combination. This change in the dynamics is definitely going to be an important highlight in the history of Indian cricket.



Well, cricket is all about improvement of the players and the overall time mechanics. Ishant Sharma, was seen having a really hard time whenever it came to international matches, solely because he was unable to bowl full length balls. It took a considerable time to change. The improvement that began from 2014 finally showed its colors in this test series. His continual long length balls during this series, proved his maturity.



Shakib-Al-Hasan could have been Bangladesh’s ticket to victory or at least a formidable play against these extremely tense matches with the all-rounder team of India. His absence in Bangladesh’s team proved to be very beneficial for India in this cricket season, because undoubtedly, only Shakib-Al-Hasan’s batting and bowling could save this team. The experience of this player was indeed an utmost necessity for this game.



Bangladesh lost mainly because of the discrepancy in their team. The absence of senior experiences pace bowlers really hit Bangladesh harder than they expected. The newer pace bowlers, Abu Jayed and Ebadot Hossaein, did try to play with all their ability but were unable to provide enough competition to the formidable batting of Indian team. It cannot be concluded for sure whether, senior bowlers could have brought any difference to the great form of cricket played by India, however, Bangladesh certainly could have built up a more formidable defence against the Indian cricket team, if not win the match.


Monimul had a quite impressive average of around 60 during the dawn of his career. However, luck didn’t favour him for long. His form has been degrading ever since. It would be unfair to not mention that he didn’t play good innings intermittently, but the fact that the average has dropped down to 40 is itself an indication that he has been playing way worse than what he used to. His batting style has really got him into embarrassing moments, one of them being how he was dismissed in the second innings of the second test match as he edged a delivery with his foot, which was stuck at the crease. There are serious doubts about whether he will still be a contender of captaincy anymore.



This test series was the pinnacle of Indian bowling. The pace bowlers of India stole the show by a mile and a half, leaving Bangladesh absolutely distraught. The trio of Muhammad Shami, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav  took 14 wickets to absolutely disintergrate the opponents in two innings. Mayank Agarwal’s 243 run chase seemed absolutely impossible for Bangladesh, and so they succumbed.



The reason Indian bowling attack has become so strong is their collective approach towards the game. All the bowlers give their best under pressure and most importantly they have always been very encouraging of the actions of others’ performance. And as told by the bowling coach of Indian team, the team knows to adapt according to the needs of the game. Soon they’ll be adapted to the pink ball game and is looking forward to give a very strong competition to New Zealand.






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