Women and Their Dual Personalities: Gulping Down Pain – Is It Really Tolerance or Ego Feeding?

Women and Their Dual Personalities: Gulping Down Pain – Is It Really Tolerance or Ego Feeding?

Women and Their Dual Personalities: Gulping Down Pain – Is It Really Tolerance or Ego Feeding?

We often hear tales of sacrifice, especially from women. They forgive their spouses for whatever wrongs they may have done, they forgive their children despite their disrespectful behavior, and they continue to maintain harmony in their homes. But is it always the quality of forgiveness at play?

Throughout my life, I have met many women who are aggressive go-getters on the outside. They treat people harshly, behave rudely, and adhere to a philosophy of placing people where they believe they belong. These women have zero tolerance for anything they deem unnecessary and are often quite selfish. However, this behavior is reserved for the outside world. The same women suddenly become subservient, docile doormats when it comes to dealing with the atrocious behavior of their spouses and children. What does this mean? How can one’s basic personality change so drastically depending on the relationship? You can either be a dominating personality or a subservient personality. If you exhibit both, there may be a deeper issue at play.

One of the reasons I have identified for this dual personality among women is their EGO. While men often display their egos openly, women tend to be more subtle. Women who have crafted an image of a strong, aggressive personality for the world to see can fall prey to this false ego. They begin to tolerate utter nonsense from their spouses and offspring to maintain the facade of being a strong, capable individual who can handle both home and work fronts with ease.

Unfortunately, pretending to be a strong personality does not make you strong at all. In fact, it makes you weak and confused, leading your life on a downhill journey. Let go of your ego. Your life and happiness are more important than a non-existent ego. Do not tolerate nonsense, whether at home or in the office. No one will reward you for your ego. Instead, they will laugh behind your back.

In many cases, women endure pain and disrespect not out of true tolerance or forgiveness but out of a misguided need to uphold an image. They fear that revealing their struggles would shatter the perception of their strength. This behavior is not a sign of true strength but of insecurity and ego.

True strength lies in acknowledging your worth and standing up for yourself, regardless of the relationship or situation. It means setting boundaries and refusing to accept disrespect or mistreatment. It means being authentic and honest about your struggles, and seeking support when needed.

In conclusion, women need to recognize that enduring pain and disrespect is not a testament to their strength or tolerance but a sign of ego-feeding. It’s time to let go of the false ego and prioritize genuine self-respect and happiness. Only then can we truly be strong, both in the eyes of the world and in our own hearts.


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