When Soul is immortal – then why worry?

When Soul is immortal – then why worry?

When Soul is immortal – then why worry? – Short Conversational Stories


Smarty – I read somewhere.. that basically we are immortal!

Sanely – Immortal? Meaning?

Smarty – Meaning soul never dies, we are immortal! – Don’t you know that?

Sanely – You mean ‘soul’ never dies. Soul is immortal.

Smarty – yea – same thing!

Sanely – really? Soul never dies is the same as we never die – is it?

Smarty – yea- well more or less!

Sanely – Give me your lighter…

Smarty – huh! Oh – you started smoking?

Sanely – No – I just want to see how you will react when I start burning your shirt…starting with the sleeves…

Smarty – but why would you do such a thing…and you think I will let you do it?

Sanely – well – why not? Since you just established that we are the same as the ‘soul’ – so the soul is not just immortal – but also you cannot wet it, burn it, cut it, dry it….I’m sure you are aware of these qualities of the soul?

Smarty – what exactly are you hinting at?

Sanely – Just trying to tell you that the human garment is like a dress of the soul – that the soul wears – like we wear a dress, but we don’t become the dress – the dress has a separate identity…..

Smarty – oh! whatever – nevertheless, we are ultimately the soul – dress or no dress – and we are immortal – that is more important!

Sanely – So now that you have come to know you are immortal…..what are you going to do about it?

Smartly – enjoy life to the fullest of course – what else bro?!

Sanely – and may I know what is your definition of ‘enjoying’ life?

Smarty – Well – partying, boozing…flirting with girls, going around places…taste different spices – you know what I mean (winks)!

Sanely – hmmm….that’s all?

Smarty- why? What else do you have on mind?

Sanely – How about working for the soul….for the upliftment of the soul….

Smarty – Upliftment? Why the heck should I work for the soul? I am here to enjoy life and I will till it lasts!

Sanely – Till what lasts?

Smarty – life…..and…

Sanely – and…? Health – good health to continue enjoying life – right?

Smarty – well yes, good health…

Sanely – and? What else?

Smarty – What else?

Sanely – What about money? In order to enjoy life – the way you just defined, you will need money right?

Smarty – yes – of course, money! I have money.

Sanely – You have money in this life to enjoy the way you want ….

Smarty – yea so?

Sanely – but there is no guarantee that you will have the same affluence and riches in your next life!

Smarty – Next life!? Where the hell did next life come from? Where are you taking this conversation bro?

Sanely – You started it!

Smarty – When did I ever talk about next life?

Sanely – with the statement ‘ we are immortal, soul never dies’ – you also triggered the topic of life after life and after life and so on…

Smarty – I did not!

Sanely – of course you did! The ‘soul’ being immortal just means that a single soul gets various opportunities to rise to its highest goal!

Smarty – Highest goal? What goal can a soul have?

Sanely – To merge with the Supreme Divine Spirit – that is the highest goal – the Big Divine game……

Smarty – Well….but I should not be bothered about it?

Sanely – then who do you think will bother about your soul on your behalf?

Smarty – umm….I guess that same Supreme Divine Spirit you just mentioned!

Sanely – Yes, that He does – He sends saints and seers and enlightened souls to Planet Earth to show us the path towards re-connecting with our own divine selves!

Smarty – yea- so why should I bother?

Sanely – You are not listening properly my dear! There have been divine entities showing us the path towards divinity – and you have to tread on that path to reach the highest goal!

Smarty – and what if I don’t?! I believe in living life on my own terms – I am not a follower, I am a leader!

Sanely – Oh! Sure Mr. Leader! And where exactly would you be leading your followers?

Smarty – wherever they wish to head – I will let them go – I am a cool leader! Lol!

Sanely – So supposing you are going hell-wards, your followers will also fall with you – in hell!

Smarty – Why should I fall in hell – I am paying my taxes on time, I don’t murder or steal for a living – I am working in a Bank, I get my salary and I spend my money the way I wish to! How can you call that a sin!?

Sanely – I am not calling you a sinner – but then you are not even a seeker aspiring for a higher life – you are just some average soul – who will continue taking birth and be stuck in this cycle of birth and death!

Smartly – So fine! I will be stuck in this cycle – I am immortal after all, I will enjoy life after life after life! Lol!

Sanely – its not all that easy also my dear! Souls get weary of this mundane cycle of birth and death…..then they start seeking…

Smarty – Fine – let them seek – I have found what I want – I don’t need any seeking for whatever higher life you are mentioning….I am an optimist, I think positive and I enjoy life.

Sanely – That is what you think in this life – in some other life – where you may be unemployed and poor and live on the streets, maybe beg at the railway station..

Smarty – hang on, hang on – you do not have much regard for me – do you!?

Sanely – Why would you say that?

Smarty – Hello! You are imagining such a dreadful life for me – it only shows that you – kind of …..hate me maybe!

Sanely – Dreadful life huh!? So you do think begging for a living is a dreadful life ?

Smarty – Of course it is – what a dumb thing to ask!

Sanely – So why would any soul choose such a dreadful living?

Smartly – How would I know – he is insane I guess…

Sanely – And you are the epitome of sanity I guess?!

Smartly – oof! What are you trying to prove?

Sanely – that you should start some soul searching and work for – let’s say ‘Promotion of the soul’!

Smartly – And what if I refuse to do some such arbitrary thing – what will happen to my soul? It will be thrown in hell for eons to burn? Huh?

Sanely – (deep sigh) – well not really – as you have mentioned, you are a good citizen, believe in being good, doing good etc. – so maybe you will get a new Earth, new chance for evolution…..

Smarty – Fine with me! I will take it….

Sanely – You sure? By new Earth and evolution I mean existing as early men, followed by dark ages, followed by exploitation of humans, revolutions, pandemics, wars…

Smartly – Why? Why should we start from the scratch? And what do you mean by early men – we have already reached the man stage….

Sanely – that is on this Planet – even Mother Earth has a life span, this Earth and solar system will dissolve…..but as you said ‘souls are immortal’ – they will continue to take birth and be in the cycle of birth and death till they merge with the Supreme Consciousness…..that is the Game of the Souls – get it brother?

Smartly – eeww ! going through those dumb phases of evolution yet again – those dumb rulers will exploit the commoner with their idiotic rules and regulations…. that’s hell man! Worse than hell!!

Sanely – Exactly my friend! If the soul fails to merge back with the divine source – it will again go through that pathetic cycle of birth and death – yet again!

Smartly – ok….so how does one work for ‘Promotion of the soul’?

Sanely – hmm – now you are talking! But let’s take a coffee break first.

Smartly – Sure! Lets go.


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