What percentage of Indians benefit from Reservation System?

What percentage of Indians benefit from Reservation System?

What percentage of Indians benefit from Reservation System?

What percentage of Indians
Belonging to the SC/ST, OBC or other tribes (Special Privilege hereinafter)
Are actually benefitting from the Reservation (quota) System?

And are the really deserving candidates benefitting or
Just the already well settled, well educated…
Rather even rich & affluent candidates – but with the Special Privilege title

And like how many of them?
Let’s say out of 100, probably 3 or 4 well fed, well educated ‘Special Privilege’ benefit
and what about the rest of the 97?
They celebrate the compassion and large heartedness of the Political Admins?
And now let us discuss about the ‘Deserving Candidates’
Those living in dire poverty, living hand to mouth, somehow managing to pass school exams
Hardly able to study school books because they usually get engaged in Child labour…
Helping their parents to make both ends meet…
Can they be deserving candidates eligible to hold important positions?

Yes, heard of few cases where a child fairs exceptionally well in his/her exams
In spite of extremely difficult circumstances eg. poverty, unhygienic living conditions, broken families
They are deserving candidates for sure – highly deserving in fact..
But not the ones who somehow manage to pass…even fail – definitely not them!
Would it not have been a better idea – to address issues like poverty, better living,
Trained teachers, Better school infrastructures, Better hygienic conditions?
Where the child is offered basic healthy food, hygienic living & good education and then – as educated adults, they choose their professions?
Such Quota systems in fact even force many ‘Special Privilege’ students to select a profession just because of availability of Quota!
It is quite possible that the candidate is least interested to become a doctor but is forced to become one – Thanks to Quota system and the title he/she holds!

People – If you really Love your country..
Arise, Awake and make way for true progress
As educated, responsible citizens…you ought to do this minimum bit for your nation – for the world!


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