We are devotees by default

We are devotees by default

We are devotees by default

Please try and be extremely polite
especially when you discuss God & his ways with us
We, the Indians i.e. (let’s say majority of us)

Since our childhood – rather infanthood..
or even while in our mother’s womb
we are usually made aware of HIS presence
His Omnipresence
& trust me – we get to see, hear & even experience many of
HIS divine miracles too!

So before you try to show us down
And prove to us that we are silly gullible
God believing fools,
Let me warn you with certain things..
That maybe unknown to you!

As Vishnu Bhakts (devotees)
We possess the discriminated  wrath of Shri Laxmana
Who could not stop himself from screaming at
Shri Parashurama – when he was being impolite
with Shri Vishnu Avataar – Shri Rama

And yes, we possess the playfulness of
Shri Hanuman – the Rudra Avatar
We can playfully burn down
Your respective golden territories
Those were just 2 well known examples
Our religious scriptures are overflowing with such incidents
where the evil, corrupt, selfish, perverts
were shown where they belong..
They belong to hell actually…
and they are sent there to taste the same tortures
they crafted…just a thousand folds more….

We are devotees by default
Don’t measure us by your man-made status of 3rd world country etc.
There is much more to us than the eye catches…..


A Sahaja Yogini ( - mostly meditating for self realization. Had become an ardent spiritual aspirant way back in 1992 after reading Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda - after 10 years, my Spiritual Guru came in my life! If you are seeking the divine, do visit and know all about Kundalini Shakti awakening and self realization!

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