The Truman Show – A True Man’s Reality

The Truman Show – A True Man’s Reality
The Truman Show – A True Man’s Reality

It’s an excellent interpretation of Demi-God & Human relationship. Although a poor man’s representation – but surely a pretty good one.

Ever since the infant (Jim) was in the womb – the Director(Demi God) , with the help of scientific advancement & technology, took the entire growth process, delivery, childhood, adulthood, marriage….basically outlined the life cycle of the child born. The human Director was trying to act God in front of the other viewers and the rest of the viewers – ie. common mass were watching it helplessly – rather enjoying the candid attitude and behavioral pattern of Jim Carrey.

They stopped him from pursuing his own desires, failed him in school, rest of all the others who were with him were just a part of the huge studio as made by the Director and were acting all the time – making a fool of him – so basically he had no true friend – all actors !

But a human Director is after all just a human. In comes a Lady – who tries to warn Jim of his delusion and gives him hints of his freedom. But soon the Director and the other team members take over and make Jim fall in love and even eventually marry the one they chose for him.

He was shown carrying on with life reluctantly when suddenly he realizes that things are not what it seems to be – he then starts to investigate and finally break opens the cocoon (studio premises) he had been living in for so long ! Demi-God a.k.a. Director tries to give him a lot of hard ships – storm, tempest etc. but he could not stop Truman (Jim) from manifesting his own true self !

This is the case with every human being – but most of them are happy as actors , some as helpless knowledgeable-s witnessing the suffering of a poor man who is being fooled by the entire world but are still sitting pretty about it – very rare few have the guts to break open the cocoon like Swami Vivekananda and his kinds- who, when open up their respective cocoons, let the entire world know of it and its possibilities !


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