The Superfluous Orator - An Ode To Fraud Gurus!

The Superfluous Orator - An Ode To Fraud Gurus!

The Superfluous Orator


And people were very impressed
He spoke so well
cited examples from religious scriptures
even cracked corporate jokes
the jokes that were pretty stale
and had been making the rounds via social networks
for many years…very many years in fact
so nothing original about it…


Yet people were so very impressed
they paid to listen to him
the media began to flock around him
wow! He was such an influencer
and such unheard of sacrifice –
he only wore ochre colored robes
he had given up all brands –
he had an engineering background
which meant he could make loads of money
had he followed blindly the worldly rat-race

But he took up the role of an influencer
later he did some quick yoga-asana/ breath control courses
and marketed himself as spiritual influencer/ Guru
and many people, who were basically drunkards and drug addicts
also sex addicts too – came to him for a
Certificate from God…

Like they would indulge in all sorts of nonsensical/ licentious pursuits
but give their spiritual Guru a monthly fees to absolve them
from any sin they happened to make…knowingly

Of course the Ex-engineer Guru
was only too glad to have such followers
all he needed was money in his bank..
remember he had left his job – but he had a family to run folks
and you need money to buy food…and bungalows and cars
and go on vacations – to locations famous for tickle massage parlors!
Such a Guru is only human..
he is allowed to make his share of mistakes – only human!

Awwwww – so impressive – not a hypocrite at all!
What a role model – Applause x 3!!


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