The Evil Tantrika - Short Story

The Evil Tantrika - Short Story

The Evil Tantrika

Prakash Gupta, George Fernandes and Arif Khan were best of friends. They decided to take a break and enjoy the mountains. They were childhood friends and kept in touch with each other through letters and later through emails and chat apps. They were well placed in life and like any other average human, they too had their weaknesses! Prakash had become an alcoholic after he was rejected by his batchmate at the Engineering college…. for his lying and suspicious nature. George was a womanizer because of which his wife had divorced him. He lived alone in his bungalow and hired sex workers to pacify his sensual desires. He did not miss his wife at all who was brought up in a strictly conservative Christian family. Nor was he ready to pay the alimony to raise his own son! Arif kept himself away from alcohol and women but his weakness was gambling! He spent almost his entire inheritance on race horses till his father transferred all rights to withdraw money from the banks to his daughter-in-law and thus he was in constant conflict with his stringent wife who did not give him a single penny for his gambling!

Now in their late forties, all three of them decided to meet and camp on a very difficult mountainous terrain. They hired a jeep and off they went to fulfil their dream of mountain trekking. But destiny had other plans for them – they met with a massive accident and died on spot! The driver escaped narrowly but lost his arm.

All three of them, now in their ghostly form, were wandering cluelessly – not realizing that they were dead…meaning not present anymore in the physical world! It is only when they tried to converse with the group of people surrounding their dead bodies – that they realized that they were dead! Confused and shocked, their ghost forms were trying helplessly to connect with the people around… when they heard a female voice from behind.

Tarika was a Tantrika who dealt with dead spirits and made them do her work. She was a famous Sorceress and people from far and wide used to visit her to solve their life problems. As soon as she heard of the accident, she came on spot to check out for new ghost recruits…..and she was lucky to find not one but three of them loitering cluelessly around their own bodies!

Tarika – they can’t hear you..but I can.

George – Can you? Really? Please take us back to our homes …I am George, I live in Mumbai, he is Arif from Jodhpur and he is Prakash from Bhilai.

Tarika – What will you do by going home? You are dead and now you have no where to go…unless..

Arif – Unless? Unless what?

Tarika – Unless you come with me and I will be able to help you out in fulfilling your life-long dreams..

Prakash – Life long dreams….really? now that we are dead, how will you help us fulfil our dreams? For example my dream was to marry Kalpana…my batchmate from college…but she turned me down and my life lost all its joy…and I drowned myself in alcohol…will you arrange for me to meet Kalpana?

Tarika – well yes I may – anything is possible now that you are not bound by your physical body…you do not realize that you are much more powerful now!

Arif – Powerful? No one can even hear us! How will we express our powers then?

Tarika – That you leave to me huh… you all can see that no one here can see you or even talk to you …but I can do both – surely I am having some powers to be able to talk to the dead…right? You have already been loitering here for couple of hours – what could you do? Come with me, and I will help you out.

They agreed and followed her quietly as they could see no other option available to them!

Srilata was married to a rich businessman, Deepak Sonthalia, and she was a loving wife and a doting mother. Her only problem was that she had lately become suspicious of her husband’s loyalty towards her ….ever since she saw his sexy young secretary at the Silver Jubilee Anniversary party of their company. Srilata then found out that the previous secretary was old and had retired before time and that this young secretary spent a lot of time in his office cabin. Unable to do anything about it, she decides to visit the famous Tantrika Tarika – to make her husband come back to her……not that her husband had gone anywhere but she wanted to be safe before it was too late!

When she visited Tarika, Prakash (his ghost) was sitting in the same room. Srilata told her about her husband and wanted some solution – so that he spends more time with her. Prakash, who was sitting idly was listening to Srilata’s problems. Suddenly Tarika looked at him and asked him to follow Srilata to her home.

Prakash – follow her? But why?

Tarika – I am giving her some sugar – in front of her I will say that I have consecrated it and that she has to give it to her husband- mixing in his tea or coffee – without his knowing. While he drinks the tea/ coffee, you enter his psyche …and then you can have a human body to enjoy a human’s life!

Prakash – But how will I meet Kalpana? You said I will be able to fulfil my desires….

Tarika – Do as you ae told or I will make you captive in the dark dungeon… can have 1000 Kalpanas – why are you so hell-bent on her!? Anyways this way you have to get used to entering human psyches…..become an adept in this first.

Prakash reluctantly followed Srilata and as ordered by Tarika, he entered Deepak’s body. Once inside, he wanted to get drunk badly…like good old days…he used to finish one full bottle of rum or whisky – whatever was opened in front. To his disappointment, he saw that Deepak was not much keen on drinking – he drank occasionally during parties! As ordered, Prakash started spending more time with Srilata and that made Srilata very happy.

But her happiness was very brief! Deepak went to his friend’s party where booze was over-flowing for free! Prakash’s desire to get drunk expressed itself and to Srilata’s surprise, she saw him gulping down gallons of alcohol! That’s it! From that day onwards, Deepak started drinking at home as well – he was with her alright – but with a glass of expensive scotch/ whisky….that he was finishing in a matter of 2-3 hours! Srilata observed that he was finishing a full bottle of any alcohol per day! This disturbed her a lot and she again approached Tarika.

This time George was sitting with Tarika and she asked him to follow her to her residence and put a stop to his alcohol addiction that was probably Prakash’s addiction that Deepak was suffering from.

Tarika – was your friend Prakash a drunkard?

George – well…yes! And he was himself a miser…but when it was free booze, he used to dive at it like a vulture! He was always a drunkard you know but he blames it all on Kalpana…hi unrequited love and….

Tarika – Enough! I have heard about Kalpana enough – no more of that crap please. Just go with her and ..since Prakash is your friend, ask him to let you in….

George – wait…Prakash is already there? How can two of us be there in the same body?

Tarika – There can be many ‘unauthorized entities’ in one body…..where do you thing MPD (multiple Personality Disorder) comes from? Now go with Srilatha and do what you are told. Ask Prakash to return to me once you reach there.

George – will he be able to find his way back to you?

Tarika – hmm…well if not, ask him to follow her the next time she visits me.

George follows Srilata and is overjoyed to meet Prakash. He also enters his psyche and tries to enjoy life as he was used to while in his human form…..

Deepak was invited to the Bachelorette party of his friend. He usually attended such parties as a formality and left early. But this time George was excited to attend the party. He had heard about strip-tease gang that was to attend the party. The party started at full swing – many of his friends ogled at the semi-nude damsels gyrating up and down the pole. Some of them showed interest in spending the night by hiring them…and one of them was Deepak.

Amit, Deepak’s friend cum distant relative was shocked to see Deepak take such a decision! Most of the males just attended the party for free booze and dinner but hiring those super-expensive strip tease was seldom done by them and definitely not by the very economically-inclined Deepak!

Amit – What the hell!? Are you serious? Did you just hire that female…..she must be half your age – what is wrong with you?

Deepak did not even bother to reply to him…..actually George was super excited to pounce on the female and he certainly did not have the time to answer Amit.

Amit was also in the family group chat…and Deepak’s sexcapade spread like wild fire…..

Srilata could not believe what she heard about her husband! Not only was his sexy secretary a threat but any young and available consenting adult female was a threat to her ‘happy’ marriage! She ran to Tarika.

Arif had been missing both Prakash and George – so as soon as he saw Srilata entering Tarika’s den, he quickly came by her side. He heard her out and suggested to Tarika that he can take care of both of them! Tarika was anyways fed-up of these over-active ghosts so she sends him with her. Tarika was not bothered to call them back because few recent accidents in her vicinity – that were of course cause by her domesticated evil ghosts –  had given her access to many lost souls and she was having a gala time making use of them!

Now Deepak developed yet another habit that he never possessed before! He became a gambler and spent his weekends at the race course…his business in doldrums – all his good employees left him one after the other – afterall even rats abandon a sinking ship!   Srilata ran from pillar to post to cure her husband…who was now an alcoholic, a womanizer and a gambler…thanks to Prakash, George and Arif respectively!

Inference – Stay away from black magic and evil tantric practitioners – avoid them like plague. They do not use any divine powers because they themselves don’t have any! They use the bhoot and the pisaach vidya where ambitious (supraconscious) or sad/ melancholic (subconscious) ghosts reside and such lowly entities take possession of your bodies giving rise to various ailments and habits that never existed before!


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