The Enlightened Speaker and the Atheist Skeptic - Short Story

The Enlightened Speaker and the Atheist Skeptic - Short Story

The Enlightened Speaker and the Atheist Skeptic

Once upon a time, in a small town known for its lively debates and quirky characters, there was a public gathering organized to discuss matters of spirituality and science. The guest speaker, a self-proclaimed enlightened soul, took the stage with confidence and charisma.

As the audience settled into their seats, the speaker began with a bold statement: “Just like energy is conserved, so are the number of souls.” This piqued the curiosity of the audience, and someone from the crowd asked, “How do you know that?”

The speaker replied, “The scientists discovered this fact about energy…,” but before they could finish, an atheist skeptic raised their hand and interjected, “Yes, but who discovered the fact about the soul?”

With a twinkle in their eye, the speaker responded, “the spiritualists… the enlightened souls who brought us news in bits and pieces about the Supreme Divine Intelligence…” The atheist audience member was not convinced and said, “Divine? I don’t believe in God.”

Undeterred, the speaker cheekily retorted, “Fine, you may just get up and leave the hall.” The atheist was taken aback and asked, “Why should I? So that you get a chance to dupe people talking about a nonexistent divine?”

The audience chuckled at the exchange, and the speaker grinned mischievously. “Really?” they replied, “Actually, my target audience are the religious people – who are blessed with the miracles of God. Otherwise, you see, humans will not just build temples and mosques for no reason – humans throng such places on a daily basis – they must be getting some results – otherwise, instead of temples, there would have been science laboratories at every nook and corner of the city.”

The atheist, feeling challenged, shot back, “Those people are ignorant…”

With a theatrical flair, the speaker exclaimed, “Wow – and your kind of people – are super intelligent, I guess!” The audience couldn’t help but laugh at the playful banter unfolding before them.

The atheist attempted to make a point about mundane discussions, but the speaker was relentless. “And what do you discuss about, by the way? Boss is no good, salary is poor, the woman is wicked – she rejected my lustful advances, he is a boss today because of nepotism, politicians are corrupt, traffic rules are sick, am saving money to purchase a cycle… Such things are mundane discussions of routine living,” the speaker quipped.

“But there are people who get motivated by the works of true enlightened leaders – and I was targeting them. So this is purely a personal choice – you may leave the hall or listen to me and then write crap about it on social media…,” the speaker declared with a grin.

The atheist, feeling a mix of frustration and amusement, huffed and decided to leave the hall. The crowd erupted into laughter and applause as they watched the humorous showdown between the enlightened speaker and the atheist skeptic.

In the end, the gathering proved to be an entertaining mix of spirituality, science, and witty banter. The town would talk about this memorable event for years to come, and both the speaker and the atheist would become legendary figures in the annals of their town’s history. And so, life went on with laughter, discussions, and a little bit of enlightenment.


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