The Atheist - Short Story

The Atheist - Short Story

The Atheist

Raman grew up in an extremely religious family, surrounded by the pomp and show of extravagant religious festivals. However, even at a young age, he saw through the facade. He noticed that these gatherings were more about comparing who arranged the grandest celebration and who gave away the most gifts, rather than genuine worship.

At the tender age of 12, Raman couldn’t help but speak his mind, exposing the showy nature of these religious functions. His blunt honesty embarrassed his parents and caused quite a commotion among his relatives. He was scolded and punished for daring to express his opinion about religion. Despite the consequences, Raman remained steadfast in his disbelief.

As time passed, Raman grew into adulthood and distanced himself further from religion. He stopped visiting temples and attending pujas at home, focusing instead on his career. The IT industry and internet services were flourishing, and Raman seized the opportunity. He invested his time, energy, and savings into setting up an IT hardware system.

Luck favored him, and his business began to thrive. From a humble start with just six employees, Raman’s company expanded rapidly. He eventually employed 1,600 people across India, directly under his company’s umbrella, while also benefiting numerous franchisees. His entrepreneurial success garnered him recognition and awards.

With his achievements came a sense of responsibility. Raman felt compelled to give back to society. As part of his corporate social responsibility, he established skill-oriented institutes to train young individuals in various job skills. These institutes helped countless boys and girls secure well-paying jobs and comfortable lives.

As Raman reached the age of 85, his earthly journey drew to a close. He bid farewell to his mortal body, and as he passed through realms upon realms, he noticed all his deceased relatives smiling and gazing at him with admiration. Puzzled by the VIP treatment he was receiving, he wondered how this could be. After all, he had been an atheist, while his religious relatives had devoted nearly all their waking hours to idol worship.

Finally arriving in a realm filled with exquisite fragrance, Raman was greeted by his parents and other long-departed relatives. Eager to understand his surroundings, he inquired about this place.

Raman: “So, what place is this?”

Raman’s Father: “This is a realm that one earns for doing good and pious deeds on Earth. It’s a realm of religious goodness.”

Raman: “Religious? But you know, Dad, I was an atheist. I never believed in…”

Father: “Religion is not just about blindly following rituals or worshipping idols. It encompasses following a set of rules and regulations for peaceful coexistence with fellow humans. While we were busy pleasing God through stone or clay idols, you actually took care of His creation by bringing happiness to the living manifestations of the same divine spirit. While we focused on only one religion, you embraced all religions by helping people from various backgrounds.”

Raman: “All religions… But I don’t remember doing so. I never recited any mantras or psalms. What are you even suggesting?”

Father: “Well, my son, your organization recruited talented individuals and provided them with jobs that suited their abilities. These jobs not only granted them earthly comforts but also allowed them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Their prayers for employment, owning vehicles, or having a 2BHK flat were answered because of your HR policies.”

Raman: “Okay, so? I am not a sinner…”

Father: “On the contrary, you became an effective instrument of God. God chose you to fulfill the prayers of numerous people. Don’t you see? You were closer to God than any of us could ever be. And what’s more, while you were helping thousands with their lives, dreams, and aspirations, we were also benefiting from it.”

Raman: “We… Meaning?”

Father: “We, your ancestors, both from my side and your mother’s side. Your efforts rippled through generations. When you hired one person, you also took care of their parents, spouse, and children. So, the impact of your actions extended to hundreds of thousands, my dear.”

Raman’s eyes widened as he absorbed his father’s words. He then met all his ancestors, and together they rejoiced in their comfortable afterlife, all because of Raman’s unwavering dedication to helping others.


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