Symptoms of an unconfident woman

Symptoms of an unconfident woman

Symptoms of an unconfident woman

 Her priorities are all topsy turvy
She can’t speak up or fend for herself
Mostly out of fear or confusion
She tries to please others always
irrespective of whether they deserve the
pleasing side of her personality

She tries to look attractive
by exposing her vital stats
Bust/waist/hip measurements i.e.
by exploiting the ‘loser’ male’s weakness
she gets mighty proud!
She doesn’t quite realize that the
wicked, clever ‘glamour’ wolves
just turned her into a ‘dead piece of meat’
to make the loser males – shell out more
and more and more money!


She speaks not her mind
but only that which will fetch her
money or fame
she is usually devoid of any
Sense of shame!

She gladly accepts immoral values
She proudly acclaims promiscuity
By doing all this – she may be famous & rich
But deep inside – she is just an
Unconfident, depressed, exploited & oppressed woman



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