Super 30 – The story writer has not done justice to Anand Kumar!

Super 30 – The story writer has not done justice to Anand Kumar!

Super 30 – The story writer has not done justice to Anand Kumar!

Whoever has written the story of Anand Kumar is quite an impractical and sloppy writer! He has just turned Anand Kumar into some contradictory clown!

While watching the film itself I was getting confused as to how come some ‘academically above average’ person has to sell door to door papad ! ridiculous! I commented in the movie hall itself something like : What the heck – can’t he take tuition classes!?

I usually avoid writing reviews of films based on true story or a biopic – because real humans are associated with such films and I don’t quite like to sound ‘judgemental’! In a fictional story – I can always give my 2 cents – because after all it is a work of fiction and people can just laugh it off and forget about it ! But Super 30 – I am writing – more because after watching the film I started looking for real life clips of Anand Kumar…and I came across many controversial videos on Youtube!

Request from Bollywood – don’t make Bio-pics if you can’t do justice to it! There is no need to add surreal sloppy notions to entertain viewers – for entertainment – viewers can watch films like Mastizaade and be quite content with it!

Points noted about the film vs. real life incidents:

  1. No one – I repeat no one – came forward to help Anand in his noble endeavour –

IPS officer Mr. Abhyanand supported him and even taught Physics to his students. Film should have shown this because then people will be motivated to do good knowing that there are people who are always wanting to help great and noble thoughts and acts.

  1. Film showed Anand (Hritick) doing all sorts of cheap tricks to earn food for his poor students – like approaching a restaurant owner and telling him how his business will be affected if he does not take his advice – in return of which he has to give him ration for 3 months!

The Truth – ridiculous and disgraceful thing shown about Anand (wonder how did he even agree to it!) – Anand already had a school ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’ where students from well-to-do families studied and paid monthly fees too! From this income, Anand started Super 30.

Watch the video from Lallantopshow and understand yourself!


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