Smart Alec (SA) Replies to Not So Smart (NSS) Commoner~ A Short Story

Smart Alec (SA) Replies to Not So Smart (NSS) Commoner~ A Short Story

Smart Alec (SA) Replies to Not So Smart (NSS)


Statement: Porn films and sites should be completely banned!


SA – Why the hell? Why can’t you just let people chill and enjoy life?


NSS- Such films/ images showing women in a bad light – rather ugly, cheap and immoral light – is very harmful for the entire women-clan!


SA – How is an image of a sexy sultry game female harming any woman? What bull shit are you talking about?


NSS- Such images/ films give rise to incidents of rapes, molestation, eve-teasing etc.


SA – Bullshit – lemme confess here Bro – I am a die-hard porn fan – have been watching since the age of 13 – but I am not a rapist! Why would a porn clip or image make you a rapist – bullshit!


NSS – Oh! Have you tried stuff shown in the porn clip?


SA – Of course I have….why would I not? I have learnt the moves there – I need to implement it bro!


NSS – You mean you tried it all with your girlfriend…


SA – Girl friends….I am not the kind to just have one girl friend! Plus its not always girl friend – it could be friends with benefits or even sex – workers or just random girls you pick up at some night club – like a one night stand…


NSS – So you pay for sex?


SA – Well – not always…I am charming you see – girls come and fall all over me without even an invite….some men are born with all the luck…and well I happen to be one!


NSS – So you are lucky because you can have sex without even having to pay for it – plus you mix with such girls who have no scruples whatsoever and are ready to dive on bed with just anyone? And if no one is available, you approach a sex worker for paid sex?


SA – hmmm….is something burning already? Are you jealous?


NSA – Well…I was wondering what happens to those men who are neither as charming as you, nor do they have a girlfriend, neither the money to pay a sex worker nor such clubs or groups where males and females exchange sex partners for the night or indulge in orgy…basically all that is shown in blue film clips and ‘z’ grade films – so under such circumstances – where would an aroused-by-pornograpgy males go or approach?


SA – What nonsense are you talking about? Because someone is not as lucky as I am – so he should become a rapist? What are you hinting at?


NSA – Okay, let me put it this way – where do the unlucky ones go for sex?


SA – They can go and shag… to make money and approach a sex worker…you need to work hard for everything bro – even for sex lol !


NSA – what if they don’t want to work hard but at the same time they have access to porn clips…they get aroused and inquisitive about sex….rather about the hype created regarding sex?


SA – No …still they have no right to rape…


NSA – No one has the right to commit a crime – criminals are anyways and always punished..


SA – Yea – they better be punished!


NSA – People who are not letting others live with dignity and self respect are also criminals…don’t you think so?


SA – Yes, of course! Everyone has the right to respectful living and dignity…no one has the right to snatch away their rights..


NSA – Wow! Good to know that you feel this way…


SA – Everyone feels this way…what’s the big deal huh! – I respect you and I expect respect in return…so?


NSA – Oh No! Not many think this way bro! There are people who kidnap girls as young as 5 years old from villages, towns and even big cities to cater to the demands of the sex industry….you see there are many Smart Alecs in our world who have the money to pay for sex so their demands for a sex worker has to be met with – the Red Light area prostitutes are not allowed much to get pregnant and waste about 9 months without work – they fall under ‘no work, no pay’ category you see – if they do not entertain sex addict clients – they don’t get paid – so obviously they postpone their pregnancy till they reach their late thirties or early forties….in the meanwhile the demand for sex workers is constantly on the rise – thanks to the constant advertisement of sex and sexy damsels through films, TV, Internet, magazines – the sex starved-ness increases by thousand folds! So in order to entertain rich customers, girls are kidnapped and sold in the sex-slave market and they are made to dance to the tunes of the latest Bollywood Item number or music video…..


SA – Bro! you seem to know a lot about the nitty-gritties of sex trade – are you part of it – lol (wink)


NSA – We all are part of it – somehow or the other Bro! This is what I am saying – we create the demand for sex workers by being under the influence of pornography fed to us 24/7 through various mediums of communication – we all know that only 10% of rapes are reported – rest are all hushed up and the victim remains traumatic throughout her life – meaning all those who are connected to her as parents, siblings, friends, husband, children – all will have to pay for her traumatic experience……and on the other hand the rapists, molesters or eve-teasers continue with their perversion – defending themselves by saying that when the entire nation – entire world – is busy with virtual pornography entertainment…they had the opportunity to try it for real……..


SA – Well – I am not such a deep thinker as you are bro – the sex workers stand in a queue waiting for a client – males who select them are doing them a favour by accepting to sleep with them and pay them in return….


NSA- Isn’t that so humiliating? Why would a human have to sell her/his dignity?


SA – I guess because they don’t have any…..can’t afford to have any…and


NSA – Forget it – there is no point talking to you – you are a Smart Alec after all – who can inject sense in the brain of a person with a brainless cranium…..forget all that I said!


SA – I already have bro – lol!


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