Simple MIL, Complex DIL - A Short Story

Simple MIL, Complex DIL - A Short Story

Simple MIL, Complex DIL

MIL: Mother In Law
DIL : Daughter In Law

Sumita was a very simple lady. Born in a small town, she had fallen in love with Satish during tuition classes. Shatish was 3 years her senior. When Sumita passed out of college, Shatish was ready with a job and ready to marry her as well.

Akhil was born 2 years after their marriage. Since both Satish and Sumita were from small town, they wanted to give their best to Akhil. They admitted him in a convent school and compromised a lot on their own lifestyle as they wanted to given Akhil the very best of everything.

Akhil grew up and became an engineer. He wanted to further enhance his CV so he joined MBA. That is where he met Ruchira. Ruchira belonged to a rich business family. She was the only daughter and was quite pretty – at least prettier than most of the girls in the MBA class. Akhil, on the other hand was the smart one among others. So the love chemistry was inevitable.

After one year, Akhil decided to formally introduce Ruchira to his family. Ruchira was very disappointed to see the dilapidated condition of Akhil’s house. His simple mother was wearing a faded cotton saree that she usually wore on a daily basis. His father was in his pyjamas and vest. Akhil had to actually ask him to wear a kurti for the sake of courtesy!

Ruchira: You did not tell them that I was going to visit them today? (Ruchira asked in a raised voice fuming with anger)

Akhil: Yes…I told them.

Ruchira: So? Basically they are ready to reject me I guess? They way they were dressed today – completely seemed that they are least bothered to receive their would be daughter-in-law!

Akhil: Not really….look at it this way – they were informally dressed meaning they think of you already as a family member – now who dresses up for family members – you relax and chill in family environment – right?

Ruchira: Shut up and don’t give me that bull shit! I have never been so insulted in my entire life! Listen I clearly have to think about our relationship – and please don’t expect my parents to visit your dilapidated hut…..they will be completely heart broken….I am very confused right now….please let me go.

Akhil was devastated by even the thought of Ruchira leaving him. She had introduced him to the latest brands and high end dining and she paid all the time. More than a lover, Akhil was her sugar-baby….sugar baba! He could not imagine losing her and her high end life style. He knew his parents would choose some basti-bred ugly female and tie him for the rest of his life performing husbandly duties! Ruchira, on the other hand, had style and was rich as well plus she loved him – so at this juncture what was important ? Love…and lifestyle and riches of course….parents could go to hell. Remember Akhil was a convent educated engineer cum MBA working in an MNC – surely his decisions would be the best….he was trained to make profitable decisions all his life.

Akhil went home and had a big fight with his parents. His parents were totally surprised to see this aspect of Akhil. Their neighbors were all listening to their loud conversations and were having a hearty laugh. They all knew about the struggles that both Satish and Sumita had gone through just to bring up Akhil. Sumita had aborted twice because they could not afford any compromise with Akhil’s education….and here was Akhil – a sugar-babe to Ruchira!

After a couple of weeks Ruchira’s parents and Akhil’s parents met at a Five Star Hotel and this time – for the first time probably – Akhil paid the bill. Satish was surprised to see the rate of coffee as Rs. 1200/- per cup. In his innocence, he commented on this but no one was amused!

Later, after they reached home, they got another round of firing from Akhil and he asked them to keep their bloody traps shut when Ruchira or her parents are around!

During the marriage ceremony, Satish and Sumita were made to sit at a corner like unwelcome guests! Akhil did not allow any of his mediocre relative to attend his wedding saying that he will arrange for a feast for them separately but they will be a complete mismatch among Ruchira’s rich and affluent friends and family. Akhil was so ashamed of his parents, that he did not even introduce them to anyone at the party!

3 years later, Ruchira gave birth to a son and Sumita decided to visit them at Mumbai.

Sathish : Are you sure you want to go? They treat us like rotten dead rats….and yet you want to visit them – have you no self respect?

Sumita – He is our family’s first born – it is my duty to visit them!

Sumita went against Satish’s wishes. He knew how capable is Ruchira of insulting them and he also knew that she will definitely insult her.

Ruchira opened the door to Sumita with a disgusted look on her face. She asked the domestic helper to show Sumita her room. Ruchira had arranged the store room for her MIL. They had 3 bedrooms – One was theirs, one for the baby and the 3rd one was their office cum library. Sumita saw that there was no toilet in the store room and asked her if she could sleep in the 3rd room instead. Ruchira denied and said at the most she can use the toilet of the 3rd room but cannot sleep there (in spite of a couch available in the room).

In the afternoon when Akhil came home, Sumita approached him to allow her to sleep in the 3rd room. He said that he does not interfere with home decisions and whatever Ruchira had arranged for her should do.

Sumita then took out the gold ring and a chin she carried to present to her grandson.

Ruchira: you came in the morning and now you are giving the present to your grandson – in presense of your son? What did you think? I will hide it from him and he will never come to know that you got gold for him?

Sumita was taken aback and Akhil looked at her with raised eyebrows.

Akhil: yeah – she has a point there Maa – why in front of me…you don’t trust her or what?

Before Sumita could reply, Ruchira pressed the ring so hard that the gold ring got squished! Ruchira said laughingly that she had never seen such cheap rings that bend by just holding it!

After dinner, Sumita was asked to complete her toilet needs quickly because they will switch off the lights.

Sumita: But if I want to go to the toilet….you know Akhil – I have bladder issues – I need to go to the loo every 1 hour!

Ruchira : Use the torch of your phone to get here.

At midnight, Sumita got up and headed for the 3rd room. To her dismay, it was locked! Ruchira had purposely locked it so that she calls up Akhil, wakes up the whole house and create a pandemonium…so that Akhil himself kicks out his basti-bred mother!

Exactly this is what happened! She called up Akhil and he came out grumbling about being woken up at night! HE screamed at his mom  – just because she wanted to go to the toilet!

At 2am, Sumita called Sathish and asked her arrange for her return immediately.

Satish – but the return ticket is after 5 days – why what happened?

Sumita – By that time either they will kill me or I will commit suicide! Please take me away right now or be ready to receive my dead body. (saying this she started crying bitterly on the phone)

Satish asked her to keep her bags ready as one of his close friends lived in Mumbai, he would request him to take her away from the hell hole.

At 5 am Satish called back confirming that Deepak will come and get her out of that snares  of his spineless son and witch DIL!

At 7 am Deepak rang the door bell and asked for Sumita!

Ruchira: OMG – you basti-bred mom is very horny…she has a boyfriend who has come to take her with him.

Akhil went out and by that time, Sumita had already reached the door with her bags.

Akhil: Where are you going ? and who is he?

Sumita : I am going away. Sorry that I even came here to see my grandson – I will never repeat this mistake again. Saying this she just waled out of the house.

Akhil was about to go behind her but Ruchira pulled him back.

Ruchira: Let the bitch go where ever she wants – how are you bothered?

Akhil: But I must know who the hell is he – I have to tell dad…

Ruchira: call your dad then.

Akhil called his father and said mom had walked out with a stranger early in the morning!

Satish: Yes, I have arranged for it. You don’t worry. Go lick your wife’s feet – that is what you are capable of……..I mean who locks the door to toilet? You wife did it purposely I am sure!

Akhil: OMG – she has already complained about what happened last night?! I woke up at midnight and opened the door for her and it is the maid who locks doors and stuff – don’t blame Ruchira for everything.

Satish: I think we have spoken enough. Go lick Ruchira’s feet you spineless nincompoop. (saying this Satish disconnected the phone)

Deepak and his wife were very good hosts. His wife took Sumita around Mumbai but deep in Sumita’s heart – the wound was not going to heal easily!

After 5 days, Sumita returned to Kolkata – totally broken! She had gone into severe depression and was given sleeping pills to sleep. Couple of days later the medicines were not enough and she had to be given injections. Sumita had totally lost it. She felt like a failure. What happened to her sacrifice? What happened to the efforts of a loving and doting mother? If this is the outcome of selfless love & sacrifice then women born barren are the luckiest in the world she thought!

In her delirium she often cursed Ruchira. She once told Satish that in her next life, if they are to meet, they will not have any child but enjoy their lives, spend the hard earned money on themselves.

Satish regretted the fact that he let go Sumita to Mumbai! He knew something terrible will happen but this was worse! The psychiatrist had told Satish that he might have to admit her in the asylum under 24/7 vigilance or else she may harm herself unknowingly! Her suicidal tendencies were growing by the day!

While Satish was looking at good Mental care clinics, he found her lying dead on the floor. She had consumed sleeping pills and it was already too late for a stomach wash. Satish did the last rites himself and did not even inform Akhil of his mother’s death. He was thinking of suing him for the mental torture that caused the eventual death of Sumita!

In the meanwhile Ruchira had become very famous among her friends – she was asked to literally take classes on ‘How to drive away the MIL in a single day’ – all her friends gathered around her to take notes on how to get rid of in-laws smoothly!


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