Shunyo E Bukey – Bengali Film Review

Shunyo E Bukey – Bengali Film Review

Shunyo E Bukey – Bengali Film Review

Hatred, resent & separation bcoz of padded brechiaar (bra) !

Hero is an artist whose paintings & drawings are full of voluptuous pictures of women – esp. his artwork women are full breasted!

In comes a heroine – who was basically flat-chested but wore padded bras to give an accentuated look to her figure.
They fall in love and the hero is very decent enough as to not molly-coddle, feel, finger his lover before wedlock (usually it’s a very common happening among lovers – and Bengal is rather famous for it – most of the parks are filled with lovers – lusters? – hugging, smooching and ‘feeling’ each other shamelessly (aka. PDA) because of which parents have stopped taking their children to parks as they may catch glimpses of ‘Live porn’ at the park!)

So on the wedding night when the hero is gradually undressing his bride, he finds – to his utter dismay – that his bride is flat chested! This was totally unacceptable to him and he takes out his frustration by telling his friends how he feels so cheated by actually sketching his wife’s body on the drawing board!

After much insult & humiliation, heroine departs tearfully from him – and later gets married to someone else and has a child as well – proving that being flat-chested is not being handicapped!

Conclusion: so when a lady is confident and certain that being flat-chested is totally normal – why wear padded bras and accentuate breasts artificially? And when she knew very well about her lover’s weakness for voluptuous & heavy bosomed females, why did she not tell him about her physical condition? Why hide? Why be artificial? She could have avoided a whole lot of humiliation and insult had she told him the truth and had she not been so conscious of her slim figure!

Inference – Be yourself, don’t use artificial ways and means to impress anyone. Let the world love and respect you for what you are and not for what/ how you appear/ behave artificially to impress others ! Your happiness does not depend on someone else’s expectations of a conditioned mind!

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