SHE – Netflix Series

SHE – Netflix Series

She – Netflix Series

Finished watching the Season 2 of the series.

Story is about a lady constable – who had a neglected childhood, father was more fond of the younger daughter (her younger sister), sister grows up to be prettier and males showed more interest in her, then got married to an impotent (unable to perform on bed) man – who blamed her for failing to turn him on – as she lacked feminine qualities etc……so more or less a woman full of grudges, unhappy and frustrated…also jealous of sister. But she took care of her ailing mother and the household used to run on her income.

She gets hired by the Special Police Force – who work secretly – and is given the role to dress up like a sex-worker and seduce a powerful drug dealer. She manages to successfully seduce that powerful man and the rest -well you can see the series – there are people who make money by selling series – I cannot reveal the end and make a viewer lose interest to watch the series.


What is disturbing in the series is the sloppy and callous working of the Special force! In spite of high-end infrastructure and well trained officers and constables, they were failing to catch the criminal….and the criminal was singlehandedly monitoring the drug network of the entire country – from tip to toe!!! I don’t know whether the entertainment world should show such utter and disgusting failure of the ‘educated, well fed and raised by decent families’ officers and their associates. The life and upbringing of the criminal (Nayak) was also shown in great detail – the fact that his mother was promiscuous having an affair with his uncle, he was porn addict and made pornography himself since a very young age – 12 or 13 years old. Also there was political unrest in his locality and all his family members were killed right in front of him – then he himself became ruthless and killed his own uncle who raised and loved him dearly! The lady constable mentions this at the end that she had not seen such a strong personality in her life and couldn’t help but fall in love with him! Yeah – animal instinct after all – even the street dogs have to prove their worth to the she-dog by fighting amongst each other -as SHE will choose the stronger dog so that healthy pups are born to her……

So what is it that the such films and series are trying to convey? That the power of hatred is stronger than the power of love? You pursue your goals more passionately with hatred and vengeance in your heart than with love and compassion?

Please think about it and take steps to redeem……


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