Sex addiction is a mental health condition – World Health Organisation (WHO)

Sex addiction is a mental health condition – World Health Organisation (WHO)

Sex addiction is a mental health condition – World Health Organisation (WHO)

Sex is like an addiction – like smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption.
Once you are addicted to anything, it is very difficult to give up easily.

This is the reason why our ancestors made it mandatory to marry first, then have sex.
You see, if a male or a female, gets to have sex before wedlock with random partners, they will get addicted to it.
Later, when such people get married, it becomes difficult for them to be loyal to one partner and they will always seek adventure outside!
Consequently, there is discord in family life, frequent fights due to various reasons like:

1. Husband is sleeping only with wife, but wife sleeps with others also.

  1. Wife is sleeping only with husband but husband has sex partners other than wife.
  2. Both husband and wife are sleeping with others but wife’s or husband’s sex partners have outnumbered the other’s!
  3. Sex partner of wife is more handsome and rich / or sex partner of husband is more beautiful – a jealousy factor works here – leading to bitter fights!
  4. In case a child is born to such a couple, he/she will only witness bitter fights and licentious lifestyles of parents – both man and wife will then fight with each other asking the other to leave old habits and be a good role-model for child!

Now the question arises – Why should we bother about someone else’s addiction – tobacco, alcohol, sex – whatever?

Well readers, if you notice point 5 above, I have referred to the birth of a child. This child, from a broken immoral family, will meet children from decent, sober families who believe in loyalty, chastity and other moral values. When children reach adolescence, they become inquisitive about many things – especially things related to puberty and the obvious attraction for the opposite sex.

So sons and daughters belonging to immoral families usually make themselves easily available for sex – like parents, like children you see! And then couple of families are faced with bigger shocks in life when they see their adolescent children making wrong decisions in life and then questioning the parents about the value of chastity and morality!


PS – Not all adolescents get swayed by the immoral lifestyles of course – parents with very morally strong personalities have morally strong children as well – like parents, like children again you see! But unfortunately there are average humans also who make average, weak personality parents – their children have a strong tendency to take to all kinds of immoral values ! Plus of course our media and entertainment world propagates that the more licentious your life, the more you are LVING! Or else you are wasting your life if you just have sex with one partner all your life!! So chaste people are rather abused and ragged badly in colleges because, unfortunately, immorality rules the world as of now!

Sex addicts may be offered NHS treatment now it’s classed as a mental illness!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has formally recognised sex addiction as a mental health condition.

Now it depends on we, the people, to bring back innocence, chastity and morality back to this world!



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