Royalteen – Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Royalteen – Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Royalteen – Film Review

I will try and give a very short review for this. This is a film about teenagers and teenage pregnancy. I am not denying the fact that there were no teenage pregnancies back at the times when I was a teenager – meaning the 1980s – but I am sure they were not as common as it has become today…(or maybe it was always as common but such things were hushed up and kept under covers – otherwise the parents would find it difficult to find a suitable groom for their ‘consenting adult’ daughter who was highly libidinous and was nicknamed as the ‘horny harlot’ in her locality!)

So there is this girl who moves in a new locality along with her parents and her new born baby brother because of a scandal she got involved in where she lived earlier. Both her parents had to leave their respective jobs only so that she doesn’t feel traumatic and depressed for being dumped by the male she thought she was in love with!

As soon as she moves in to the new locality – another guy started showing a lot of interest in her….and it took her just couple of hours to fall for him! She moved on pretty fast! Probably this is the reason why doctors / psychiatrists recommend change of place – they immediately come to know that the person is highly libidinous because of which the locality people / neighborhood become very alert of her ‘easy availability’ and thus parents must be strictly keeping an eye over their sons – lest they fall for the horny harlot of the locality and *ruin their lives forever! So dearth of sex objects in the locality make such libidinous people sadder and overly sensitive…thus a change of place is suggested – new place, no one knows her – so she can very well start her sexcapedes with renewed energy!

Exactly this happens! A male falls for her – who was the crown prince! Now the crown prince had a puritan sister and a mother suffering from mental/ emotional issues (not clear why/ how). The fact that the prince was pursuing a middle class stranger was not quite taken appreciably by his sister. Anyways the rest of the rich brats who accompanied the prince to pool parties and farmhouse parties also looked equally dullheads….so comparatively the traumatic ‘middleclass family’ stranger was  probably a welcome change.

So the crown prince and the teenage female fall in love. It got revealed that the one she was addressing as her baby brother was actually her son…like she did not abort but went ahead with delivering the baby (because I believe abortion is strictly prohibited in many Christian countries…that’s rather strange huh…what if a poor girl gets raped and becomes pregnant? She will still have to go through the trauma of child birth? Why on earth? How can you pressurize a woman to bring some such entity to this world who will be most hated – hated by the mother of all people…the one who is the first teacher of selfless love…..will hate the child wholeheartedly – because the child will never let her get over the traumatic incident of her life!)

Anyways, in spite of being a teenage mother who had conceived out of consent (and not date-rape or anything) the crown prince continues to be with her. Whether they live happily ever after or not is not shown in the film though.

It was then also revealed that the story was based on a true incident! Well – the film makers should not make such movies….because such stories make the non-libidinous teenage girls also try their luck with becoming ‘consenting adults’ – because they think that when the crown prince agreed to take a teenage mother as his girlfriend…then surely even they can eventually rope in a successful groom for themselves later in life….but that seldom happens and eventually they become escort girls/ pick-up girls… workers! No sane and decent family accept the ‘horny harlot’ of any locality – be rest assured of that.

Once you reach the inside of a garbage bin….being used and thrown….you remain in company of other pieces of garbage…and wait there to get into some re-cycle bin. Take care.


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