Film Rockstar – An Article

Film Rockstar – An Article

Review based on 2 songs – Katiya Karoon and Kun Faya.

So it seems like an individual is introduced to the world of maya – illusion…esp. the dirtier aspects of Maya – so that its easier to get over illusion? May be. Led to a religio-spiritual environment where he gets a glimpse of the ‘bigger picture’ – for the divine being – we are all HIS creation – so HE wants to see us all under one roof – together…thus begins his journey of ‘awakening the mass’ – connecting with each and every particle – every particle swaying at his tunes – realizing the One and only truth – Claim What Is Theirs.


FAQ: – What do you mean by the ‘dirtier aspects of maya’?

Ans: Well, in the song katiya karoon – it is seen that a girl (of pretty bold nature) escapes at dawn, with a male friend to learn how to ride, she stops by and ‘checks on’ (dunno what) some men who were pissing on the road side wall. Watches a porn film with her male friend in a cheap cinema hall, reaches a club where ‘strip tease’ is being shown – and in spite of the fact that her male friend does not want to look at a female stripping, she forces him to see it. Then she reaches an area where prostitutes are picked up from, she pretends to be a prostitute and they both play the game of ‘client-prostitute’ ! They also reach a cheap bar kind of a place where they both consume alcohol, plus she is also seen with him a lonesome secluded area – again consuming alcohol.

Now keeping all the above scenes on mind, I guessed that he was being introduced to the ‘dirtier aspects of maya’. Readers who do not have a good cultural and familial background will not quite agree with what I just wrote, but truth is truth – bitter, hurting whatever …and btw. it hurts those who are away from it and leading a life of falsehood & disgrace….



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