Religion is not for the empty stomach…then what is?

Religion is not for the empty stomach…then what is?

भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला

Religion is not for the empty stomach

Okay! So this is the latest strategy
of the Demon Kings – the Ravanas & the Kansas
of the current era!

Keep the mass in dire poverty
So that they don’t  have time for remembering
Their Creator – God Almighty!
& even when  they sing His praises
It will be all half hearted – rather no-hearted
Maybe just to make some quick money…
In the name of God – sat-sangs are arranged!
With an entry fee, exit fee, donation for Prasad
Followed by more donations that will supposedly please God!!

So what about them who are well fed?
Are they engaging in Bhajan Kirtan?
Singing the praise of the Lord day & night?
Not really!
Those who are well fed need to continue doing things
That keep them well fed
Plus just being well fed does not help
You need a roof on top of your head
You need clothes to wear

Ok, Then those who are
well fed, wear good clothes & have a house of their own..
Are they busy singing His praises?

No no – That is not possible!
Those who are well fed need better dining and wining places & occasions!
They need to visit expensive hotels & clubs to dine & drink wine
And when they visit big big super deluxe hotels
They need branded clothes to wear
and once when they reach the big hotel in branded clothes
They discuss the number of bungalows they have
In how many different states and countries in the world!

So when is it that they have the time to sing His praises?

Definitely not when they are busy keeping their super rich status intact!

So who is singing His praises then?

 Probably those in dire poverty –
they have been marketed this concept of God
By the super rich – so that they keep themselves engaged
in singing His praises
and not question their lavish lifestyles…..
Just be happy imagining God etc!

But we started with – भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला
meaning poverty stricken cannot sing His praises??!

Yea…but apparently they are ones who sing His praises!

Now this is not convincing!
Well in Ghor Kaliyug – nothing is convincing!


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