Red Alert for Management / Motivational Gurus!

Red Alert for Management / Motivational Gurus!

Red Alert for Management / Motivational Gurus!

Viewing the way the ‘supposed’ spiritual masters are speedily turning into Management gurus, the actual Corporate Motivational Gurus should become alert or else they will soon be losing their jobs!

The Youtube is getting filled with men dressed in ochre/ white dhoti with a sandalwood tilak on forehead and giving motivational lectures to corporate employees! I was just flicking through some and I realized these charlatans are saying short corporate jokes/ stories I read some 12-15 years ago! Although the people were applauding – or maybe the applause was added during post editing phase of the video – the point is ‘why on earth are they doing this?’

If you are dressed as a spiritual person, you are expected to talk about spirituality. Things like:

  • How can be manifest our divinity?
  • How is our life going to change once we take to spiritual practices?
  • How will it benefit us?
  • How will we know that God is responding?
  • Does our prayer get some kind of spiritual acknowledgement?
  • How long to mediate?
  • What happens when we meditate?
  • What time should we meditate?
  • What are we to meditate upon?….

The above maybe considered as basic questions of a spiritual seeker!

But in the videos making the rounds in social networks – on those ‘appearing to be spiritual’ -are just talking like some Management guru who is paid by companies/ organisations to motivate employees to increase productivity! Silly clichéd corporate jokes on management fundas and backbiting the boss etc. that I have read 10-12 years ago are just being repackaged by these ‘Appearing to be like spiritual masters’ (ALSM hereinafter) !

Beware dear Management Gurus!

I don’t know about the rest of the world – but Indians have a strong weakness for God – even the atheists are interested to know the latest moves of God… when these ALSMs sit to give out motivational lectures like:

  • Desire less, work more
  • Focus on work only, needs will be automatically fulfilled
  • Challenge yourself and perform better the next time
  • Aww, you are a new recruit – you will have to do all types of shit work (applause, laughter)
  • Accept new job role enthusiastically (otherwise there are others in queue)
  • Blah blah blah

.people will be drawn more towards them (ALSM) ….for they will think that in our busy schedules, we have taken the time out to listen to a God Man – so it is like hitting two birds with a single stone – working and worshiping – wow!

So Management Gurus, please tie your safety belts and act before it is too late!


A Sahaja Yogini ( - mostly meditating for self realization. Had become an ardent spiritual aspirant way back in 1992 after reading Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda - after 10 years, my Spiritual Guru came in my life! If you are seeking the divine, do visit and know all about Kundalini Shakti awakening and self realization!

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