Red alert at Red Light Area (RLA)!

Red alert at Red Light Area (RLA)!

Red alert at Red Light Area (RLA)!

…and there was recession at RLA!
customers were not crowding anymore as they did earlier
Dearth of money, poverty about to set in RLA!
Nutritious food was lacking and the sex-workers looked-
famished, shriveled and weak!

Why!? How did it happen? Where on earth are our customers?
Lamented the sex-workers!

Said Simran*: they get what they want in their locality itself!
Why will they come to us anymore – huh?!

Asked Rati*: In their locality itself?
You mean brothels are opened locality wise?

Said Simran: No, there is a new concept of ‘Consenting adults’
They can sleep with anyone, anytime willingly!

Asked Rati: Do they get paid for it?
Said Simran : well, not as they pay us – not in cash but in  kind!

Asked Rati: What does paid in kind mean?

Said  Simran: means they are given expensive gifts, taken to high end hotels etc.
Asked Rati: But what’s the use – how will she buy stuff without money?

Said Simran: Buy stuff !? – oh – these girls are salaried employees – they work!
or are lucky enough to be born in rich/ well off families!
Asked Rati:  They work…are already rich!?
Then why are they getting laid….if they are financially secured!?

Said Simran: They like to have sex with males who catch their fancy! That’s all !
Asked Rati: But that is not right! What about us then? How will we survive?

Said Simran: Our bad luck I guess – the educated lot have taken away our jobs!
Asked Rati:  In spite of their education they behave like us!?
Do things that we are forced to do so that we can make money!?
How dumb is that!? I heard that education empowers you!
this is what education teaches women – to become like sex-workers!

Laughed Simran : hahaha! Yes I guess so! What we know since birth,
they acquire it after attending schools!
Complained Rati: Fine, if they have taken our positions – at least they should do
something for us to survive – make some cottage industries etc.!

Counselled Simran: don’t lose hope so soon my dear – this recession is temporary-
soon we will have clients pouring from all sides – keep the faith!
Asked Rati: How are you so sure? What gives you such confidence?

Said Simran: When the world is speedily becoming full of ‘forced’ and ‘wilful’ sex workers,
then the sons born to such sex-workers will keep this ‘most lucrative’ flesh business ON..
for eons to come!
Asked Rati: So we will never die of poverty & malnutrition!?
Assured Simran: No, never! On the contrary, the highly educated intellectuals may die of poverty – but us- in flesh biz, we will continue to flourish!!

*Simran & *Rati – 2 sex-workers residing in a red light area.


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