Pitaah – Film Review

Pitaah – Film Review

Pitaah – Film Review

A story of two kinds of Fathers : the very Rich and the very poor (servant class).

Lets take a look at the Rich Indian Father’s lifestyle (played by Om Puri) :

Very rich landlord with several workers working for him – he is extremely rude in his behavior with them – but still people work for him – for earning their daily bread..& also enough money to support a family and 4-5 children.

He is such a dare devilishly sex starved man – that in spite of having a wife and two grown up sons at home – he invites Prostitutes at home and sleeps with them instead of wife !!

Wife is shown as a typical dutiful Indian uneducated, village bred woman – who cannot do anything about it (the fact that whores are sleeping with her husband) and quietly accepts the fact that Husband is her Lord – and he can do whatever he likes ! She is seen making the favorite dishes for all the male members of the house – her husband and her 2 sons…and even lovingly goading them to have more!!

Father knows that his sons drink..booze..smoke and visit whores and is rather proud about it.

The same whore – mongrel father and both his sons kill an educated, cultured fellow who was in love with their daughter / sister. Seeing this the daughter had committed suicide – but that didn’t make any difference to either the father or the brothers ! They would have gotten her married to some whore-mongrel swine of their choice …and all of them would have gone to some whore house together for enjoyment !

In spite of so much injustice that happened right in front of the rich Land lord’s wife – God knows how she was still tolerating her husband & her sons !! Probably because she was an illiterate, village bred woman who was made to believe that husband’s house is heaven – and that one does not usually walk out of heaven !!

The poor father – played by Sanjay Dutta as Rudra – was a worker under Om Puri. A weakling, poor man who had 3 children – 2 sons and one daughter. He used to do his job dutifully and even worked for extra hours with complaining / or without any extra pay.

The Story :

The two sons of the rich father go to visit a famous courtesan Naina – who could also be hired for sexual services after the dance – basically the girls are made to dance so as to ‘turn on’ the clients – then whoever pays the highest bid – takes her to bed and she has to render sexual services. The sons had planned that after her dance they would hire her for sex and have her in turns – they took whole lot of money – so as to buy her for the night. And they were very confident of hiring her.

But things did not work their way and Naina was hired by someone richer than them – who had already hired her. This was an insult to the egoistic blokes of the Lard lord – so they try to forget the insult by consuming gallons of Beer – later they make their way back home on their mobike.

In the mean while its shown that Rudra’s wife wanted some spice for cooking so her 8 years old daughter – who was actually studying for her exam – agrees to go and fetch her the spice – since it’s a small village – people know each other very well – and since the market place was just a walking distance from their house – Durga goes to buy the spice.

The drunkard blokes of the land Lord were returning from that way – and since they were ‘sexually’ hungry – they decide to rape the 8 years old Durga !!- It’s a rather shocking revelation here – a girl whose ‘periods’ had also not started – who had not even developed a wee bit of breasts – the things which supposedly ‘turns on’ men – still she was raped !!

This clearly indicates that just a slight ‘slit’ is all that is required by sex – starved men – a Lady needn’t be sexy, good looking or voluptuous !! Why on Earth do ladies spend a fortune on cosmetics, make-up, Botox, lipsticks, crèmes.. etc. when all that ‘villain’ men require is the presence of a crevice !!

The cultured , educated men in fact, like it simple – no make – up etc (refer. Old movies where heros used to turn down ‘whorishly made-up, scantily dressed women’ for a simple saree clad maid servant category woman ! What a waste women’nt it? – and the advts. that show or urges women to start taking care after 30…use under eye crèmes…make the skins tauter …or else the husbands will run away to someone else !!- well if the husbands are the ‘running away’ sort – then Dear Indian Women – they will run away – come what may !

Any crevice will do for such kind of men – even if you have maintained yourself or have let go of yourself and have become fat & bloated… you understand?..and vice versa as well – if husband is a good fellow – he will remain yours – even if you have maintained yourself or have let go of yourself and have become fat & bloated. Well maintaining oneself is always recommended – since its good for health and old age is less ail-some / troublesome.

So after raping – they throw her in a deep forest ditch – but while doing so one of the brothers lose his gold chain bracelet. They came back home with blood strains on their shirt – which , they tell their Mother is of some wild animal they had gone hunting !

Rudra, in the meanwhile comes home and his wife (played by Nandita) tells him of their ‘missing’ daughter – all the villagers start searching for her – and then they ultimately go to the Police Station for reporting Durga’s absence.

Another shocking revelation here – the attitude of the Police Officer ! – played by Jackie Shroff – its shown that they are most reluctant to work – Uniform shirt is coming out – ordering the orderlies to get food, drink in the most uncouth of manners – irritated on seeing the villagers come in the late evening hours for reporting a complaint. The case would not have proceeded any further had some Villagers not heard Durga’s voice from below the ditch !!

Villagers bring up Durga – and they all rush to the hospital – the Doctor is shocked to see the state and tells Rudra to call the Inspector since it’s a Police case – the innocent villager that Rudra was- he had thought that some wild animal must have dragged Durga down – but that was not the case – The Police comes and the Doctor tells him of the incident – on seeing the facial expressions of the English speaking doctor and the Police Officer – the villagers ask what exactly was the matter – it was then the rude shock came to Durga’s Mother – that her daughter had been raped brutally and had to be given 32 stitches !! Mother faints immediately – the Police proceeds to the venue where Durga was found.

In the mean while the sex-starved bloke realize that his bracelet was missing – so both the brothers go to find the bracelet – and they get caught by the Police Officer !!

The villagers come to know that the Land Lord’s sons were the culprits – Rudra becomes vindictive and decides to kill them both – he succeeds too – he shoots them in front of everyone – the lard Lord send orders to kill Rudra but gets killed instead – the wife of the Lard Lord helps Rudra for a change – maybe taking revenge of her daughter’s death and the fact that her husband openly slept with the ‘whores’ !

Well this is what the movie Pitaah (Father ) is all about! The world seems to be just the playground of egoistic blokes..and the women all over the World have become everything – mother, wife, whore, Police, Doctor, IAS, IPS…everything but still failed to achieve justice for herself…men continue to have the best of both the Worlds – a servant wife & mother to cook and wash utensils for him and a sexy whore to jump on bed with him & try out different Kamasutra poses with him – I think this is the only piece of ancient History that human beings are holding on to tightly…other science, art, society building rules & norms that were being developed by our ancestors is not at all followed….Only ‘SEX’ rules !! Period.




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