People are desperately seeking - Ravana chalisa & Surpanakha Ashtakam!

People are desperately seeking - Ravana chalisa & Surpanakha Ashtakam!

Ravana chalisa, Surpanakha Ashtakam – people desperately seeking for the same!

Ghor Kalyug!!

The internet is full of memes and articles and poems about how the poor demon damsel Surpanakha was wronged and why the versatile genius Ravana should not have been killed by Shri Rama!

Like really?

Their logic is that when polygamy was rampant then what was the problem of accepting the lusty damsel who showed interest in marrying the handsome Prince from Ayodhya?

Reminder- Shri Rama had promised Sita ji that he will not marry anyone else and that she will remain his only queen – he was introducing the concept of One Man, One Woman – that would build confidence in the housewife and she would become more responsible towards raising the progeny – since she would raise only her children gracefully with love.

Unlike what happens when there are multiple wives! Immediate competition starts and jealousy ignites if the child of another wife is better than the other. Raja Dashrath himself suffered separation from his favourite son Shri Rama when he was about to be crowned – the 3rd wife, Kaikeyi, intervened and sent him to 14 years of exile! She wanted her own son Bharat to become the crown prince!  So you see even if the entertainment world tries to portray women as docile, simple and naïve creatures made by the creator – but in reality women can be equally ambitious, conniving and manipulative – just like men are!

Incarnations come to give an impetus  for further evolution to mankind. Humans were still developing during the Treta Yuga you see – whereas Shri Rama had acquired the entire human form, but he eventually hired the monkey army to fight mighty Ravana – this was also of course to teach him a lesson – to break his arrogance by defeating his powerful well equipped army by the definitely lesser skilled Monkey Army of Sugriv.

So who are these people who are so aggrieved about Surpanakha’s insult and Ravana’s death?

Of course those very beeps who are currently leading their lifestyles – what else? There are males who would rather like sassy females to entertain themselves than take responsibility of a wife and children. For them life is to party, booze and womanize – why get stuck with a single woman for the rest of your life? Similarly there are females who are dying to get lustful glances from as many males as possible by exposing their private parts in public – yeah the same sassy females that many males aspire for!

Ravana is an ideal administrator for such males – he not only had a harem full of sex-slaves of all age groups but he even nabbed someone else’s wife because his sister, Surpanakha, described her beauty and urged that such a graceful beauty should be added to his harem and not rot in deep forests! She had to add this incentive otherwise Ravana would not have taken the trouble of waging a war with some nomad prince suffering from jealousy issues of his stepmother! So you can well understand that when the king is so promiscuous, depraved and daringly expresses his lust for other women – irrespective of whether she is a consenting adult or not – so his subjects must be also following his foot steps and enjoying a life full of debauchery!

As far as Surpanakha was concerned – she was a married woman and a mother of 2 kids, separated from her husband, but adventurous enough to loiter alone in deep forests and propose to game males for fun/quickie. Surely she had done so earlier and must have met consenting debauch demon males only too ready to quench her sexual advances! Surpanakha’s meeting with Shri Rama is just a single episode of her life – but the fact that she could so unabashedly propose a total stranger just because he happened to be good looking shows her shallow and superficial character as well – has anyone thought about this?

As far as Ravana Chalisa is concerned – I will try to concoct a quick Ravana Charsa (no, I don’t have the patience and the will to write chalis – 40 – stanzas – describing his arrogance & selfishness!) and I will also try to write Surpanakha Dushtkam.

Till then, have a nice time reading my stories, articles and film reviews!


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