Pay Masters – Short Poem

Pay Masters – Short Poem

Pay Masters

So a Data Entry Operator
or a clerk
or some Front Office Assistant
Or a Peon
Usually those who were academically very average
Or below average
somehow get a job
in a big/ small Organisation
And lead a life according to the salary drawn
So far so good.

If they join a good Master
They will get regular bonus
Regular increments
And usually such category people
remain loyal for long
For they don’t have much scope
for increment or raise or some other higher position
So far so good again.

But there are Masters
Who are not too good also…
They treat the average employee
more or less like muck!
They can spend money happily
On alcohol and adult magazines
Womanising & boozing
Or going abroad for vacations
On buying creature comforts
Buying and throwing and wasting
But when it comes to give some cash
To the employee – they turn into
Mighty Misers!

They bargain, haggle, abuse endlessly
But never part with a single dime!
And the poor employee has to continue working
Reluctantly…muttering under his breath,
abusing constantly the miserly-mean master!

Problem arises when some such disgruntled employee
Mix with others…he spreads his poison among everyone he meets
And teaches them to cheat and be disloyal
Because that is what Mean Masters deserve!

Those with below average intelligence
Listen ad learn from dissatisfied friends…
The ways of the world and how they should behave!

What happens next?
The otherwise Good Master turns bitter….
and mean – by watching the disloyalty of his employee!

Conclusion: Bitterness, poison, hatred spread easily and faster …
Than goodness, kindness and nobility!

Who is to blame for the current state of affairs then?
Where treachery, deception, corruption is on the rise?

God or Humans?



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