OMG2 - A Kalyug Briefs Review

OMG2 - A Kalyug Briefs Review

Watched OMG-2 on Netflix yesterday.

Hats off to Akki for bringing up tabooed topics in the open. After vital issues like he covered in films Toilet and Padman, OMG2 talks about issues that young boys suffer from and that are never discussed anywhere!

Also many important dialogues that the commoner should introspect about. For example a sex worker is asked whether she would want her son (who she is trying to educate in a good school) to be like the ‘loser’ customers who visit her and use her body like an object or a responsible man who would take responsibilities of a family and treat the ladies of his household (mother, sister, wife & daughter) with respect and dignity. The answer is obvious.

I am amazed to watch that still people are so ignorant – in spite of so much information from all around – but unfortunately it is more misinformation than correct info. This has also been covered in the film! Contradictory part is that whereas Masturbation (shagging or more recently defined as ‘doing selfie’) is considered a sin….but molesting and sexually abusing children, raping and murdering etc. is all fine? We all know of several scandals where the cops have dug out child-porn films in supposed religious ashrams or hostels! What about that? How can humans still revere those beeps who have been jailed for sexual harassment and other types of anti-social activities? Its like either they are really brainless or they are benefitting somehow from the fake Guru….most probably the latter!

Although one thing was rather unconvincing and I was surprised why it was not covered in the film (maybe I missed something). The fact that the boy was shagging in the toilet – who and how was it recorded? Are there hidden cameras in school toilets? In a co-ed school which girls are also attending? How the hell did it get recorded in the first place? Who fitted the camera? Or is it some business going on by couple of greedy school authorities? Because in many Crime Patrol episodes, it has been shown that the Lady’s Hostel owner had had fitted cameras in the shower and bathroom and everything was recorded and then they were blackmailed to give money otherwise their films will be leaked in porn hub!! It became a case when a girl committed suicide…….so this important query was not asked at all in the court room…..the entire school would have suffered for couple of horny beeps though!

Anyway, overall a good start – at least people should stop being hypocrites!

I must add – Kudos to the intelligent team of writers and screenplay editors – it really takes lotsa guts in a country like India to get away with such a tabooed topic while involving the name of God! We are all aware how religiously staunch our Indian citizens are….


The well decorated Nandi with his jhum-jhum ghungroo was so lovable that whenever he was shown on screen, I wanted to hug him tight!

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In my 8th class…I had colored the woman’s naked body in my Biology textbook – made her wear a skirt n top ….no I did not bother much about the naked male….maybe I did draw nikkars  for him too….


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