Non-virgin Bride – A short story

Non-virgin Bride – A short story

Non-virgin Bride – A short story

Priya, Rekha and Sakshi were childhood friends and lived in the same city. The pressure of responsibilities  were such that they hardly met and mostly spent time chatting online. One day they decided to meet for lunch since now they were all in their late 60s and had ample time at their disposal!

Rekha: Remember Deepa? Her daughter got married recently to a business tycoon….I saw her pictures, she was looking pretty but her husband…like he is around 48 or so – Gawd only knows what she saw in him and got married!

Sakshi: She saw the money – what else? As if you could not figure it out!

Rekha: Yeah – but she is hardly like 27…and he is a divorcee on top of that – she could have easily married some bachelor…

Priya: Its her good luck that she got married to someone at least – unlike her mother…who was a desperate housewife of her locality and became more bold after her husband left her!

Rekha: Yea – people have their needs – what did you expect her to do? Live the life of some 18th century widow…just because her husband left her?

Priya: oh! I did not know you have taken up the job of her defence attorney!

Rekha: I am just asking you – why do you expect a woman to lead the life of a widow in absence of her husband?

Sakshi: Seriously Rekha…I am sure you do know why her husband left her…or you have happily forgotten all about it?

Priya: She probably has – you do know what a libidinous female Deepa was – still is I guess – her husband caught her with the security man of their building and even the car cleaner man! She had given the time of her availability on social network…can you believe that!? I mean how much more dumb and sex-starved can you be?

Sakshi: I remember it all – there was a major show down at our apartment….she had sneaked into the toilet for a quickie with the new intern…that was the last straw on the camel’s back – and they were screaming at each other – their daughter.. Meghna – was barely 8 years old – but she was very embarrassed – poor girl!

Priya: But then the poor girl grew up to follow her mother’s footsteps only! By the time she was 16, she had already aborted twice!

Rekha: How do you know that?

Priya: How do I know what?

Rekha: The fact that she had gotten aborted – it could be just some rumour – spread by cheapsters who have no other work but spread stories about others – jealous rumour mongers!

Priya: Did you just mean to call me some jealous rumour  monger by any chance?

Rekha: No …I am not calling you the rumour monger….all I said that how can you believe some random person talking shit about a teenage girl?

Priya: The random person is Dr. Manisha Chauhan, our class mate for 4 years – if you remember her – she is a gynaecologist and we are still very much in touch. She has done her abortion both the times and even told her the importance to use condoms when having casual sex with random males!

Rekha: But that is not right! The doctor has no right to give away personal details of their patients to anyone……she can lose her job…

Sakshi: Have you gone insane? Priya is not some journalist in some ace publication who will release the news of Mehna’s abortion pan India! And for your kind information, this news of Meghna’s abortion is no secret at all – her mother proudly claimed at a kitty party – in front of all of us – about her daughter’s abortion without an iota of shame or hesitance – both mother and daughter think of it as some kind of an achievement!

Rekah: Okay…shit happens…no one is perfect in this world…..she may have gotten swayed – it is a part of youth….

Priya: oh yeah! but neither did I get swayed and nor did Sakshi ger swayed….did you dive on bed before wedlock with some random male Rekha….some secret love/lust affair that we are not aware of? (Priya chuckled)

Rekha: No..mine was a boring arranged marriage and I was a virgin when I got married.

Sakshi: we all were – during our times – chastity was a valued virtue….

Priya: Chastity will always remain a valued virtue Sakshi – it totally depends on an individual and their circumstances I guess……

Rekha – Speaking of virginity as a valued virtue Priya…..we all know that your daughter-in-law, Prachi….she had an affair for 5 long years with Shekhar…we all thought that they will get married….but then suddenly we heard that she became your daughter-in-law instead! How did you agree to accept Prachi for your elder son..Arvind? Knowing all about her past…

Priya: Exactly – because I knew her past too well, I welcomed her in my house with open arms!

Rekha: But do you think that Prachi never got physical with Shekhar……are you naïve or plain dumb?

Priya: Prachi even got pregnant with Shekhar – I know all about it! I know her since she moved in our neighbourhood – he was 8 years old, in class 3. I even helped her with her make-up when she first went on a date with Shekhar….I was very fond of her since I had no daughter……

Rekha: In that case you should have booked her beforehand…

Priya: Don’t be ridiculous Rekha! My son was in class 10th when she was in class 3 and soon after passing out of school, he left for his engineering and later MBA…..he hardly saw her!

Sakshi: Why did she break up with Shekhar?

Priya: Well, Shekhar joined Medical college and there he met a senior – she was in 4th year when he had just joined – she helped him a lot with notes and books and also sex I guess – he completely got mesmerised with her and one fine day he declared that he was in love with her and did not want Prachi in his life….it was Prachi’s bad luck I would say that she fell in love with a confused loser…..she was very heart broken…went into depression also!

Sakshi: Really?! Then you made your son agree to marry her?

Priya: No – we just had a get-together – actually celebrating my son’s job confirmation in the US, where they both met…..after 3 months or so, my son showed interest in marrying Prachi!

Rekha: Were you not shocked?

Priya: On the contrary I was overjoyed! I loved Prachi since the day I set my eyes on her…the fact that she would become my daughter-in-law …was like a dream come true!

Rekha: So why demean Meghna  or even her mother because of their sexcapades – you also accepted a prior aborted non-virgin bride for your son….

Priya: Hello! Please do not even compare the two! Prachi was in love with a single man and she had even introduced him to her family. Both Shekhar’s parents and Prachi’s parents were aware of their fondness for each other…..she made love – obviously thinking that soon they will by tying the nuptial knot….but her trust was betrayed by Shekhar…..he was foolish enough to not see the game that his conniving senior played on him…and so irresponsible was he to actually leave his childhood girl friend who had crossed all limits just to be with him!…and Meghna? She is a hoppy skippy jumpy female who sleeps with anyone who catches her fancy! She is so cheap that she was caught giving a blow job at the club’s small movie hall! She is just a cu*thead…..probably like her mother – just any male with an organ..di*khead basically…. would do for her! So please don’t even compare the two!

Sakshi: That divorcee Meghna married …. is quite infamous himself! He is known to be a voracious womaniser!

Priya: So that is probably a good pair then – both are dying to dive on bed with just anyone available!

Rekha: My Gawd…both of you are so judgemental…..why don’t you just let them be!

Sakshi: We are not judgemental Rekha…don’t twist things when you have nothing to say! You are the one who started the conversation that Meghna has married an aged tharki (libidinous male) ..

Priya: and we just added that tharki ko tharkan (libidinous female) mili – some marriages are also made in hell…..

Just then the waiter came and served them their coffee and other snacks they ordered…..and their topic of conversation changed….


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