Natya Shodh Sansthan : An Archive Of Indian Theatre

Natya Shodh Sansthan : An Archive Of Indian Theatre

Natya Shodh Sansthan : An Archive Of Indian Theatre

Natya Shodh Sansthan, Kolkata is Indian’s largest repository of archival material and documentation covering the entire history of Indian theatre in all its different languages, with special emphasis on folk and traditional forms and post-independence Indian theatre, in the form of original manuscripts, books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, reviews, audio recordings on gramophone discs and photographs, slides and audio cassettes, video recordings, films, stage models, production scripts, masks, costumes, stage ornaments, publicity material – e.g. folders, posters, handbills etc, and exclusive recorded interviews with theatre personalities.

Natya Shodh Sansthan’s activities include :

  • Research in and collection of a wide range of theatre materials.
  • Holding seminars and lecture – both at the academic and outreach levels covering theatre and related arts and forms.
  • Maintaining and annotating its collection.

Services :

  • Members and visiting scholars are welcome to read, study, watch, use and copy (with necessary legal restrictions) the materials stored in its archives and library.
  • Make enquiries for information on any issue associated with theatre, and receive inputs from Sansthan’s in-house crew and faculty.
  • A vital of outreach facilities, in the form of screening/displaying films, slides etc. in Sansthan’s collection, supplemented by other facilities.


Sansthan’s library and archives host a giant collection of contemporary documents centered around Indian Theatre. The Library also specially offers representative selection of play-scripts, back issues of journals and current issues periodicals. Archive’s rich collection includes the entire collection of manuscripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc, held by playwrights like late Manmatha Roy and Mohan Rakesh; a large collection of sketches, drawings, design and stage plans of eminent set-designer Khaled Choudhury; materials from theatre activist Harindra Nath Datta, Girish Karnad, playwright Nitish Sen and mime maestro Jogesh Datta.

Comprehensive individual and group and institution documentations covering Girish Karnad, Vijay Tendulkar, Sombhu Mitra, Utpal Dutt, Badal Sircar, B.V. Karanth, Ebrahim Alkazi, Satyadev Dubey, Mohan Rakesh, Vijaya Metha, Manmatha Roy, Habib Tanveer, Shyamanand Jalan, B. Jayashree, Usha Ganguli, Amal Allana, Ratan Thiyam, H. Kanhai Lal.

Rangayan, IPTA, Bohurupee, Theatre Academy, Little Theatre Group, Peoples’ Little Theatre, Abhiyan, Little Ballet Troupe, Anamika, National School of Drama, Chorus Repertory Theatre, Ninasam.

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How to become a member of this prestigious theatre archive –

The Sansthan enrolls Life Members and Ordinary Members who will run the institution in future. Life Members will have to pay a sum of Rs.10,000/-. They will have the right to elect 2 members who will be represented in the Executive Committee. Ordinary Members will have to pay an annual subscription of Rs.250/- (due in April). They will have the right to elect 4 members who will represent them on the Executive Committee.

Life Members and Ordinary Members can use the Sansthan Library and Archive and get a free copy of our bulletin. Sansthan’s Publications will be given at 50% concession for Life Members and at 30% for Ordinary Members.

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Donate to preserve our Theatre Heritage

Sansthan sincerely urges all its members and website users to visit the institute regularly and utilize its archival facilities.
Donation in terms of monetary assistance or of material related to theatre is always welcome.


Natya Shodh Sansthan

EE-8, Phase: II, Bidhan Nagar,
Kolkata-700091, W.B., INDIA.
Phone: +91 33 23595159, +91 33 23217667

Email ids:


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