Money matters – How to distribute money evenly.

Money matters – How to distribute money evenly.

Money matters – How to distribute money evenly.

If the sole purpose of education was to earn money then it’s better that schools introduce the art of ‘Item Dancing, dressing and lyrics’ for girls and  the art to ‘Lure perverts to shell out money’ for the Item numbers!

This way money will be distributed evenly. You see the porn industry alone makes more than 3 ace IT industries put together (read somewhere, sometime back) and the entertainment Industry is floating on ‘money sea’ – the reason they can take the entire team of actors and co-actors to foreign locations to gyrate on the pole and bathe in champagne at the launch of the film!

Now if such crass entertainment become local, people will shell out more money to watch a live Porn Item Girl – thereby employing several locality guys to become pimps!

Isn’t this such an easy solution to distribute money evenly and employing so many people? We will be feeding so many hungry families – awwww….and feeding the perverts and paedophiles too – not just virtually by physically too.

Yea….after the Item dance of the local Porn girl(s) – bidding will start and the highest bidder will take the sexiest and youngest Item…followed by the poorer customers/ clients – the poorest one taking the aged female home! Whatever, money will be exchanged and distributed evenly – that is the main thing.

Many other industries will also make money – Items will go for plastic surgeries, botox injections, skin and crevice tightening procedures – after all, which Item will like to be taken by the lowest bidder huh? So doctors and cosmetologists will make massive income!

Should we not seriously think up on this brilliant idea?


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