Mitin Mashi – Bengali Film Review

Mitin Mashi – Bengali Film Review

Mitin Mashi – Bengali Film Review

Story of a Lady Detective (Mitin Mashi) – Super-intelligent, knowledgeable & multitasking Woman – a homemaker, private detective who knew self-defense martial art esp. Taekwondo  .

I will not divulge the story of what she solves and how she solves it – That is not right – after all a recently released film and people are going to watch it in film halls…Bengalis are poor people – I can’t reveal the end and stop people from going to the movie hall….

Just one thing that caught my attention is thusly:

She mentions what Swami Vivekananda has said that – No country can progress if the women are disrespected in the country. – So far so good – Yes he has said this about women…

Then Mitin Mashi goes on to say to the young girls in the crowd that they must learn martial arts, Taekwondo etc. for self defence……kinda mandatory to protect themselves !…okay…

So what does it actually mean?

That women have to take care of themselves and protect their modesty by learning martial arts – otherwise? Otherwise they can be eve-teased/ raped or even gang raped?

So women have to protect their dignity and men can happily attack their dignity/ modesty for fun/ out of frustration…or maybe to check how well she is fairing in her martial art classes?

Meaning women have to actually go against their nature of having a soft body countenance – which nature has created her for – bearing children and nurturing them in her soft arms – and learn to fight with men who probably are waiting in every nook and corner of the alley to pounce on her – anytime/ every time?

What Swami Vivekanand suggested was both men and women should know their worth and because women have been oppressed since eons in this patriarchal society – focus should be more on respecting a woman and not just treat her either like a sex-worker or a baby-producing machine! I don’t think he meant to say that whereas males can continue to be horny beeps, females better learn martial arts to protect themselves!

And last but not the least – in the film the goons who were attacking Mitin Mashi – and she was hitting and kicking them hard – were standing in a queue – when she was over with one, the second one went to get hit by her – in real life, all four of them will catch hold of her, kill her and throw her in the river….please be more practical in life!!

PS- Males are born to have a hard body – because nature created them that way – during puberty, males develop muscles naturally and their bodies are hard and tough – so an ordinary male (without martial arts practice) will have more strength than a female who has been practicing Taekwondo, wrestling, judo-karate and all other forms of martial arts since her birth!

Yet, if humans are still hell bent to work against nature…then why make the men feel left out? Let’s request the Faridabad bangle makers to manufacture bigger bangles that men can wear and tinkle around……


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