Mere Dad ki Dulhan – A pleasant break from typical saas-bahu TV serials!

Mere Dad ki Dulhan – A pleasant break from typical saas-bahu TV serials!

Mere Dad ki Dulhan – A pleasant break from typical saas-bahu TV serials!

I basically only used to watch Crime Patrol on Sony TV but suddenly got hooked on to Mere Dad Ki Dulhan (MDKD hereinafter)! Ah! Thank ‘Entertainment’ for great mercies – this is a serial that deals with the present times!

The serial is about a widower (Amber Sharma) who lives with his daughter (Niya). Niya realizes that her father is very lonely and decides to find him a suitable bride. It has a touch of light romance and is funny at times. Here are some things that I quite like about the serial and would like to congratulate the entire team behind the serial!


  1. Live in the present – The serial is showing what is happening right now – currently – how people live, how they react or ought to react, how their behaviour affects those around them….unlike many teleserials that show absolute crap – in the name of ‘trying to conserve’ culture, religion..even God (Devil?) or whatever! People should be shown the present balanced life and not how people lived in history – which is nothing but 90% made up and just about 10% true!

  2. Niya maintains her chastity in spite of living alone in the US – Usually it is shown in Hindi films nowadays that Indian females are sex hungry harlots who are dying to dive on bed with the first available and interested male! But Niya is shown to have gone abroad and even lived in shared apartment with both men and women – but that did not make her dive on bed with anyone. …although there was a guy she had a weakness for also – but they just went around, had coffee, went cruising but they both knew their limits (maryadas) !

    Honestly this is quite a feat by the team behind MDKD – after all the educated Indian sector is already exposed to the lifestyles of the youth in the US through sitcoms and romcoms (Friends, Big Bang theory ETC) where the protagonists have no scruples at all – they dive on bed at the slightest opportunity – meaning they exchange glances and lo behold – they are effing…..but in MDKD, the girl goes a virgin, comes back a virgin – that’s what Indian culture is all about…and that is how many of our girls also are – yes of course there are all sorts of girls in India also – I am not denying that – there are girls in India who start their active consensual sex life from the age of 15 or 16 – but then they are harlot-ish – we can’t help that!!

  3. Confident & independent young men & women – Niya and her friends represent the youth culture in our current generation. Again I would add that MDKD team has really done justice to those families who raise their children with sober and decent values and ethics. They have shown a very natural and friendly relationship between boys and girls – unlike many other serials where they only show that a boy and girl can only have a romantic relationship and nothing else! MDKD has shown how colleagues behave and respect each other for their talents and achievements.
  4. How love can change a mana love that only a true-blue woman can bring about in a man’s life! – Ambar Sharma, a man in his 50’s, is shown as a very rude and straight forward personality who is often screaming and shouting at people to prove his aggressiveness and demand respect. In comes an ultra-feminine lady, Guneet Sikka, and changes him completely!

    They become friends unknowingly through a Chat-App and become very close to each other since they exchanged their opinions openly while chatting and Amber begins to like her. Even Guneet starts liking her unknown and unseen Chat-app friend – not knowing that it is the same ‘khadoos’ Ambar Sharma – in whose house she is living as a tenant! She is a spinter in her 40’s, had fallen in love thrice in her life but unfortunately duped everytime.

    Again we have to see here that Guneet might have had love affairs – but she was again not some hungry sex starved harlot – she believed in people blindly and also believed that no one can cheat in love – but unfortunately she fell for the wrong person who ran away with her money.

    So to be jilted in love is very different from being a ‘consenting’ adult to many or be ‘used & thrown’ by many!

  5. Even men are chaste – Ambar Sharma deeply loved and missed his wife – although, as a widower, he had the opportunity to dive on bed with many/ any sexy harlot in town but he kept to himself! Once he went to meet a lady (a date fixed by Niya for him) and the lady was kind of shameless for his standards – like on the very first meeting she tried to hold his hand and touch him – he just shook her off – disturbed at the habit of women to touch a stranger man on the very first date ! He found it repulsive – yes – Indian men are like this also – unlike what the films are trying to prove about Indian men – the fact that they are dying to pounce on the ‘dough’ like hungry wolves !


Overall, quite an entertaining teleserial – something that people can relate to! Cheers to MDKD team!


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    • Ashwin Arun
    • May 20, 2020

    Good review. I would love to watch the serial if I knew hndi


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