Lootera (2013) – Film Review

Lootera (2013) – Film Review

Lootera (2013) – Film Review

Based on the story ‘The Last Leaf’ ! Really the Bollywood story writers will never cease to surprise me! Only an Indian born and brought up entity can manage to scramble a story like this!

There is some bit of ‘Mills and Boons’  mushy romance touch too! By the way, the actress is asthmatic patient who later even suffers from tuberculosis – oh my poor Bollywood heroines…after ‘Barfi’ became a hit with a spastic patient as the heroine, now maximum films will have some such concept for sure…ie. heroine about to die and no skin flicks too!!…how are these Directors going to extract money from ‘we, the people’ I wonder !?…don’t they know we will NOT part with our hard earned money unless we are shown some ‘semi-nude’ females gyrating on the pole? Anyways…I guess they have made enough money by doing so….

The film maker took quite a risk though – way too slow  a movie in this era of fast paced disco beats movies.

Anyways, what I learnt from this film? Here goes…..

  1. I am thinking of inviting thugs and criminal minded people to participate in my goal of achieving ‘World Redemption’!
  2. This film shows – rather proves the fact that such people are very sharp, intelligent and very focused too.
  3. At the time when India was going through major upheavals/  changes – pre-post-independence era..where freedom fighters were dying for their Motherland, where politicians and other administrative bodies were clueless about how exactly to bring in peace and establish new growth and development strategies …at the same time, the Indian thugs, thieves, criminals who were definitely educated, suave and learned too were focused on cheating people… Indian people (not cheating foreigners – anyways, they(criminals) don’t see such petty details – they need to loot, whoever, however- Period. Like Arjuna – the Mahabharata character – need to shoot the eye of the bird…) and were successfully managing to cheat the big shots too!
  4. Therefore I concluded after watching this film that I should now be on the lookout for passionate criminals…just need to counsel them positively – because the basic ingredient is already present in them – focus, determination, intelligence, swiftness and wit.

So readers, if you know of any such gang…with the above stated traits – let me know…I also would like to accomplish my goals!



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